on being a mom.

On Mothers Day, we had a child dedication at church.  The words that we repeated as we dedicated Kensington Jane will stay in my mind daily (at least that is the goal)….

We committed to raise Kensington Jane to be:

**a follower of Jesus Christ by praying for her regularly, practicing biblical teachings in our home and modeling Christlikeness as parents**





After church we had family over for some food and then spent the rest of the day around the house (truly, my idea of a perfect day).  Sean surprised me with a “summer themed” gift of a blender (I have never had one and my friend Mary has to lug hers over when cooking calls for it) and the fixin’s for snow cones!  What could be more perfect for our pool days?  He threw in some easy listenin (The YEAH YEAH YEAH’s) and I was beaming.  

My girl and I played outside and then we ordered pizza from Marri’s (seriously the best NYC style pizza in the So Cal area) and watched a movie together. A good day indeed.


I wish that I was able to put into words the reward I have gained from my short time as a mother. I am still surprised that God gave me, a sinner and  very imperfect, flawed person, the chance to mold another, but He did.  Children are a blessing.  They are a gift and one that we have for only a short time.  I hope to have many children someday, whether they are mine or brought into our home in some other way. 

And while I enjoy being and doing many things with my life, my eye is on the prize and that prize is raising children for Christ.  I desire to do this, even on days (like today) when I am so tired, I want to scream. Or when she colors on the walls with lipstick.  Even when tantrums and poor behavior are exhibited.

I will be strive to be diligent in raising my child to know the Lord.

Plain and simple.  




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3 responses to “on being a mom.

  1. Your Brother

    You are a GREAT mom and will raise this kid to follow the Lord as you do yourself.

    I TOO took an oath.

    “I pledge to infuse my niece with Blue Blood. I will teach her in the ways of Koufax and Drysdale. May the words of Scully surround her with love. May I lead her path straight to Chavez Ravine.”

  2. that’s awesome. i agree with you too! isn’t it amazing? I’m so happy you dedicated her to the Lord. what a great mother’s day!

  3. Adorable little girl. Congrats.

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