Painting is done.  Decor is finished.  Curtains ironed and everything in it’s place.  

And I feel like I have a new house.  

I’m so pleased with the outcome.  I took a piece of advice from Nate Burkus and moved all our furniture into the garage and “shopped” it.  I put things in new places, switched things amongst rooms and threw caution to the wind.  After selling some items on CRAIGSLIST, I was able to make this home renovation almost free, only costing us for paint.  So…..

This is what it looked like when we started on Friday morning.  Dirty, white, boring walls.




And then we got a little nutty….


6 hours, 13 episodes of THE OFFICE and 10 Diet Cokes later…




2009-05-10 at 10-36-58

2009-05-10 at 10-41-31







I’m pretty happy with it.  In fact, I like it a little more, each time I walk in the room.  Grand.

(of course, i had to have my sister in law take some of these fantastic pictures!!)


Saturday was quite a day at the garage sale.  Mel, Mary and I woke early and hit the neighborhoods. I have gotten lucky many times at the sales, but Saturday I was especially happy with my finds.

This tea cart from Italy (plays Edelweiss) was baragined down considerably and is gorgeous.  I can’t wait to use it at a dinner party:

2009-05-10 at 10-40-45

A box full of wooden spools (slotted to use for Christmas decor) for 2 bucks:


Vintage suitcase to add to my budding collection:


Some great records:



A Orla Keily bag for .50 cents.  Lots of stains on it, but I’m going to get crafty and cover them up (I still owe you a buck, Mel…I’ll come through at our next “ESTATE SALE” day.):


And the piece de la resistance:

2009-05-10 at 10-44-09

I about fainted when my moms neighbor, JoAnn had this sitting out to sale.  Its beautiful and it’s name is BETTY. It came with a matching blue case and it is just perfection.  I want to hug it.

A good day.


And a question for you, oh readers of Cherry Tree Lane…..

*If there was a place you could go (locally) and find kitschy, unique and one of a kind, vintage pieces for your home (at a reasonable price), would you go?  What would you want to see?  What would make it user friendly?

Answer any or all of the question, if you will and I will love you forever!



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42 responses to “MOVE! THAT! BUS!

  1. Oh my goodness, you should go shopping in my parent’s basement. You’d think you’d died and gone to heaven.

    The room looks fabulous. Exactly the right amount of pumpkin. Is the typewriter for show or will you use it too?

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the makeover!!!! and for your questions…so post tomorrow is a “field trip” to one of my favorite antique malls…with some tips and pictures…and it’s a “color-filled” treasure hunt!!
    Many Blessings!

  3. I love all of it!! Gorgeous room (I love the turquoise chandelier) – great finds (that typewriter is absolutely marvelous)!! There are a couple of great places nearby to find vintage stuff – one is The Salvation Army and the other is our antique store on Main Street. The antique store is huge! While their stuff is mostly from the 50’s on back, they’ve got great costume jewelry and linens and tons of glassware. And every time I go into The Salvation Army I find something to buy! I’ve had to limit myself to how many times I can go shopping at these places because, although I find great deals, I end up buying too much and spending too much money!

  4. Lovely! You need to give yourself some photo credits – I only took a couple of these 🙂 I’m thinking of doing a post on how to photograph your home – I’ll have to link to this post!

    I love finding pieces at yard sales/flea markets/estate sales that have a story to them. Makes your home full of character and interest. But I admit I like to pair those pieces with more modern, clean lines. I would love to see a store that could combine the two…

  5. You outdid yourself girl!! It’s fabulous, and the orange, green, and touch of teal– wonderful together! Seriously fabulous. And all the yard sale finds. I can’t wait to go yard saleing this summer!

  6. Kat

    I love the chandelier…by far my favorite part.

    I’d say I’d love a place with a small cafe and a store. Very welcoming, very homey, good smells always put you in a good mood. Those are the best places to shop, especially for specialty items. Probably a huge undertaking though…..

  7. Kat

    Oh and I love the tea cart…my grandma bought me a snow globe that plays Edelweiss when I was in the hospital in 5th grade. I still have it.

  8. Heidi

    A. Love it!
    B. Can I go with you and M the next time you go looking for bargains – you guys have good mojo!
    C. Did I say I loved it?!

  9. the room looks amazing! it’s gorgeous. and that tea cart is heavenly! what a beauty!!

  10. love love love the “new room”! the color pops perfectly and sets the decor just so!
    there is nothing like “shopping” your own furniture to make it shiny and new! enjoy!!

  11. Love that room! It looks SO good!!! That color is great! You found some great stuff at the yard sales too!

  12. BRAVO!!! (standing and clapping wildly). I LOVE the remodel job!!

  13. Holy cow, that looks FAB!!! Great job!!!!

  14. I really like what you did. It looks fabulous!!!! You did and your DH did a wonderful job.

    I really all of your finds. I try to go to the estate sales around me, you never know what you will find.

    In regards to the questions at the end of the post: I would definitely go. There is a neat place here in town, but it is a little too pricey for my budget. I would want vintage clothes, hats, purses, and jewelry. I also like curtains and sewing notions. Okay, I will stop with the list of vintage finds I like.

    Hope your day is blessed!

  15. I ***L*O*V*E*** your living room! Great job with the orange and turquoise!

  16. such clever titles you come up with! absolutely lovely, i especially love the new shade of your chandelier & i’m very jealous of your typewriter find!

  17. Ah! Nice! I really need to get to some garage sales, the typewriter rocks!

    Love the orange walls too : )

  18. Ok. I am SO inspired! Everything looks WONDERFUL! Way to go. Now… what can I redecorate around here? 🙂

  19. I love it! I especially love it when rooms look like their owners. I believe it shows confidence and style! 🙂

  20. Elma

    Oh my I love it all!!!! The chandy I love the color and the orange wall to nice. My fav color by the way!! The vintage luggage what do you do with them and were do you display them?? Picture please:) I love to go to Indiana. In shippys they have a little cafe I love to go to and this sat they are having a huge antique show. People from all over set up tents:) I am going with my 12 and 9 year old. Abigail Rose loves to go to this one as she loves to look at linens:)It should be fun.

  21. Elma

    Oh and by the way What a wonderful Husband!!! My Al would never paint. I love the title MOVE That BUS!!

  22. I love what you have done, that light fixture is awesome!! Y’all are doing a great job!!!

  23. the room looks great! feels very open and welcoming. and i would definitely go to a place that sells unique, one-of-a-kind items. it would save me from searching around at tons of places. personally, i’m a vintage food person…old pyrex, anything milk glass, dishes, servingware, the list goes on and on. i search at thrift stores trying to find some hidden gems but not a lot of luck!

  24. FABULOUS makeover!!! Photos should be in a magazine 🙂

  25. Mary L

    you did a FABulous job!!! I can’t wait to see it in person. 🙂 The tea cart looks sooooo good! It is such a neat piece and I am in love with that typewriter! Way to work the turquoise spray paint-like the frame remake as well.
    p.s. Jason is worried that the Elvis picture didn’t make it back up…

  26. The “field trip” is up! and your questions answered dear friend…

    Many Blessings!

  27. Oooooh! I just love that orange! It’s more what I was TRYING to go for in my laundry room. D’oh! :=)

    Very nice job. Isn’t it fun to redecorate??

  28. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog earlier and commenting. I love “meeting” new people… I also am digging your “pumpkin cream” colored walls. They look fantastic in your home…which is so cozy and inviting. I really like your area rug.

    I will be back to read more…and gaze upon that turquoise typewriter…how cool is that?!

  29. I think the turquoise fixture against the orange wall is my absolute favorite. Nice work, friend!

  30. great room…i love the orange wall…

    thanks for stopping by my blog – now that i found yours (i had a little trouble, i can be slow like that sometimes) i’ll come back and visit often.

  31. It is beautiful!! I love all the colors and fun accessories!

    Praying for you and your family and for your dad’s cancer to be healed.

  32. It is wonderful! I love every bit of it from the chandy to the wall color!

    Good Job!

    I used that same color combo in my study and people thought/think I’m a nut. But I love it! And I love yours!

  33. Sal

    WHAT a transformation!

  34. Oh, I think the room is fantabulous! I wish I could go crazy with color around our house…not so popular with big D though. Your finds are super cool too. Give Betty a hug for me!

  35. Love love love that blue chandelier. Thanks for commenting on my blog. All the best .

  36. Wow great finds! The chandelier is my favorite in the makeover!! Perfect color.

  37. WOW, that is FANTASTIC! I absolutely adore the turquoise and orange together – everything looks so homey and bright and warm – you guys did an amazing job!!

  38. Love, LOVE your style!

    And that Olivetti? Dude. You are awesome.

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  40. Oh my, that color is the same color I have in two of my bathrooms and my laundry room! I love it!! I call it orange sherbet dreamsicle!! What a cute blog and thanks for visiting!!! I so believe in the ecclectic decorating….I like reflecting MY STYLE, not anyone else! You just keep doing what you are doing…it looks awesome!

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