Happy Mother’s Day to you mom.

Tomorrow is Mothers Day and I hope each of you mums out there have a delightful time!

Motherhood is THE most important job in the world.  Don’t even argue with me about it. Done.

And to my mom….

There are many things I could say thank you for.  But I will chose two.

Thank you for raising me to love the Lord.  Each day you  made Christ the focus in our family. A daily “task” that has eternal reward.

Thank you for always telling me to that I could do anything.  Because of you, I am not afraid to try new things, experiment and be MYSELF.  I have always felt confident.  Because you made me know I was valued and my thoughts and uniqueness was important.

I love you.





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7 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day to you mom.

  1. I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day. it’s my favorite job too!

  2. Elma

    Happy Mothers day!!! Youare soooo right:) We mothers do have the most important job in the world!!

  3. Your Brother

    What about the job of God? I think thats pretty important?

    I love you too Mom.

    And Rachel- You are a GREAT mother! Im proud of you!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Rachel! You are a wonderful mother!! And it is the most important job in the world!



  6. Lovely – Hope you’ve had a wonderful Mother’s Day, yourself!

  7. Happy Mother’s Day my Uber mommy friend!! And LOVE LOVE LOVE your wedding picture from the last post!!

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