8 years ago.

I know that most bloggers post on their anniversary proper (and I’m sure I will too), but today is also special to me.  

8 years ago today, Sean asked me to be his wife.  How honored I felt.  Elation, excitement, happiness and hope.

And today….8 years later….

We sit across from each other, smiling while he grades papers and I cruise the net….with our wee one sleeping in the other room.

Yep…..life is good.

Mrs. Rachel Reeves fits me just perfectly. 




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13 responses to “8 years ago.

  1. That is such a darling picture of you two, and what a cute post! Congratulations!

  2. Look how pretty you are!! Happy Anniversary!

  3. What a gorgeous photograph- you both look so happy! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  4. I love the picture! Happy anniversary!!

  5. What a great picture!

    It’s so amazing to look back, where the road has taken you that you couldn’t see back then. My anniversary is coming up this month, and I keep thinking about how far we’ve come.

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a cute picture and those sparklers…so wonderful!

    Have a happy weekend and a WONDERFUL MOTHER’S DAY!

  7. Congratulations!!! and what a beautiful bride you were!…isn’t life just grand when we are happy right where we are?…loving each and every moment!

  8. Congratulations! This is a beautiful picture too!

  9. What a GORGEOUS photo!! And congratulations to both of you… you are wonderful parents and have such a sweet family, xoxoxo!

  10. thats such a fabulous picture!
    I remember when you guys started dating and I must agree, that being Mrs. Reeves suits you!
    So happy for you both!

  11. Amber

    Congrats! I know Brenna tells me and my hubby that we are nerds for celebrating our dating anniversary. But what I don’t tell her is all the other “little” milestones that we celebrate along the way. 🙂 It just makes our relationship feel celebrated (even if it is just between the two of us).

  12. Elma

    Love the picture!! Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have many more!!

  13. what a beautiful photo! wow, 8 years!! congrats!!!

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