scenes from a good day.

EVERY day should have guacamole involved.

That, and good people.


It was perfect timing because Sean’s soccer team (Man United) was playing yesterday, so a mid day “break” from work was in order.  And yes….this is how these guys watch their games.  Standing up.  



Jason (chef extraordinaire) made us flan!  YUMMO.






A good day.  



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9 responses to “scenes from a good day.

  1. Yummy food, I love guacamole too. Looks like fun, I love the standing up, you know they can win if they stand!

  2. I’m the only one in our family that likes guacamole…sadly. So whenever I see it at a party, I go straight to it! (I also embarrass myself going on and on about how GOOD it is!)

    Looks like you’re enjoying summer pursuits: backyard pools and bright treats (from yesterday…)!
    Enjoy it, we’re still a month or more away from that but I’m enjoying the beautiful emergence of spring!

  3. Oh yes, everything is better with guacamole. And that flan is gorgeous. I’m impressed!

  4. wow loving the food spread! and loving the blow up pool! definitely a fun day!

  5. The food looks so yummy! Now I am wanting taquitos. It looks like you had a nice time.

  6. dad

    STAMP OUT HUNGER !! No hunger at your house yesterday:):)

  7. gina

    I like guac a LOT but I LOVE flan….ooooo….now I’m going to be thinking of it everyday until I gets me some 😉 I was secretly hoping for some pictures of some orange painted walls….

  8. Lookes like a very good day indeed! I love the photos of Miss K. And everyday should have guacamole, I agree!

  9. so funny that sean and jason watch the game standing up! and you and mary look so happy and relaxed, definitely a good day!

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