spring family photo shoot 2009



















A big thank you to my sister in law Melissa for making us look so fancy!





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19 responses to “spring family photo shoot 2009

  1. great photos! love all the different colors working together 🙂

  2. oh and love your sweater by the way! that’s my favorite color of all!

  3. Your Brother

    I have the most beautiful family. I mean… I KNOW its in the genes but its a nice reminder that we are so good looking. Im off to stare at myself in the mirror….

  4. Mary L

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So gorgeous!! Such great shots and YOU look great! 🙂

  5. I’m so happy you like them – I think they turned out great! Good work on the wardrobe!

  6. Elma

    What a BEAUTIFUL family!!

  7. That sweater is fabulous, and nearly as gorgeous as the baby in it.

    LOVE these!

  8. Oh my GOSH these are amazingly cute!!! Rachel, you look GORGEOUS!!! Your family is the absolute cutest, what a great shoot! Enjoy your weekend, my dear! xoxoxo Holly

  9. Ooops just realized I am signed in on my momma’s name hehe- using her computer tonite since mine is having problems!!! 🙂 But it’s Holly hehe! xoxox

  10. Beautiful! Can’t wait to have her do my kiddos.

  11. GORGEOUS photos! My compliments to the photographer! What a nice family you’ve started. Aren’t babies a nice way to start people?

  12. Jeannee

    Such a beautiful family! You are so blessed!!!

  13. beautiful pics, your so lucky to have a photographer in the family! two questions; one, what location did you use for such a beautiful backdrop and two, where did you get that fabulous shirt?

  14. Amber

    You have such a beautiful family. 🙂

  15. Those are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL photos– talented photographer and beautiful family!

  16. O what cute pics, I love your outfit by the way. Thanks for the comment on my blog, and GO DODGERS woo hoo. IT’s alomst illegas to not like the Dodgers in my family.

  17. mandy

    rachel! beautiful family pictures!
    did you delete your facebook?? i’ve been thinking of you lots lately- wanted to send you a message- and you were gone!

  18. noelle

    LOVE THEM ALL! Such great pictures!!!!

  19. You always look so chic! Happy Monday, friend!

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