Dora is crazy.

Dora has special powers over my kiddo. 



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7 responses to “Dora is crazy.

  1. Elma

    She is soooo adorable!! Love it:)

  2. Some days I have Dora video’s playing in my waiting room ALL day! it’s crazy how enraptured kids are with them and I love how they run up to the TV and touch the screen to show Dora that they “found” the – what ever they’re supposed to find – DORA IS GENIUS!!!

  3. she’s soooo cute! Love the dancing!

  4. Admit it. Dora does the same thing to you, too, doesn’t she?

  5. Kat

    That is so cute, that girl had rhythm!

    OMG that little house you have on your table, I had that one!!!! Where the chimney opens I used to sit my little dolls, and pretend it was thier chair. I still remember the sound of the doorbell. Thanks for the flashback!

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