saving the world. one bath at a time.

On Earth Day, I watched several shows and documentaries, read publications and articles and a few blogs.  All concentrating on how we are destroying the Earth.  Small action by small action.  I was surprised by how wasteful we all are.  I was forced to take a look at how the Reeves family lives on a daily basis.  There are so many small (And some not so small) things that we can change about our “everyday” that I believe will make a positive impact on our environment.  There is also a part of me that enjoys a challenge….and it has become a game of sorts, to see how many ways I can be “earth friendly”.  It’s been on my mind for about a year, but I think I have felt especially responsible lately.

The other day, my dad left a comment with the idea of leaving buckets in the shower and using the excess water to feed your outdoor (or indoor) plants.  I gave Miss K a bath last night and just as I was about to drain all that water away (after it was used for a whole 10 minutes), I thought, “NO! I am going to put this to use!”.  It took me about 30 minutes and about 15-20 trips from the porch to the bathroom, but I’m not going to lie….it felt good. 











On my way to feed the plants and herbs:














It was easy and something I can make a routine.  Its about as easy as unplugging all the plugs in your house, turning off the TV for a few extra hours, and sorting through your trash.

I began making a list of things I would like to really research and change about the way we live.  I think the thing I enjoy most about “greening” your life is the emphasis on less being more.  Wasteful living is not something I want my child to learn.  I want her to appreciate the food in the cupboards, the toys she has and the clothes we have bought her.  Not always needing more, but using what we have and appreciating it.  Very important principle.

Some things I would like to implement within the next few months (or at least learn about):

1.) I would like to learn about making my own compost heap.  

2.) A possible clothesline in the backyard (I feel like I am always running our washing machine and dryer).

3.) Using all the food in our cupboards before going out and spending more money on groceries/dining out.

4.) Diapers.  I think this topic is the one I have the hardest time with.  I see how many diapers I throw in the trash and it really does disgust me.  I would like to look into biodegradable diapers or perhaps…..drumroll……CLOTH. I know….gasp.

5.) Being vigilant about all recyclables going into the correct bin.  Easy.

If you have any ideas that would help me out, I would love to hear them!  So….thanks dad for the tip.  It got me thinking beyond my little house and my little life.

Here’s to taking care of what we have and being good to the Lord’s earth.



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18 responses to “saving the world. one bath at a time.

  1. emily e.

    Hey Rachel! Love your Earth Day post! I think you would love having a clothesline in your yard. We have one and tend to use it in the spring and fall…should use it a lot more, but at least it’s a start! Also, we used cloth diapers on Gianna from the time she was born until a week ago, when she switched to big girl undies…and now we are using them on Selah. We have never regretted the decision and don’t find it to be an inconvenience at all. We use bumGenius one size diapers (8-35 pounds) and have been very happy with them. Let me know if you have any specific questions about it!

    Hope you’re great!

  2. This drying rack was on Martha Stewart earlier this week and I’m going to have hubby build me one. Instead of a clothesline, which I’d love but we have too many birds in the backyard.

    Instead of 3… since I like to keep a stocked pantry, I menu plan to make sure things get used before their expiration date, and that leftovers never go to waste. Same concept though, eliminating waste.

  3. Since potty training is just around the bend, cloth diapers are a good choice. Esp. since they feel more like real undies… Did this with Miss C and she was potty trained by 1 1/2. Genius.

  4. Great ideas… I’m thinking along the same lines. What can we incorporate into “greening our lives” and how do we use less. I’m still trying to figure it out. But here’s a couple more: washing almost all my clothes in cold water. Except whites– I like white whites! I don’t use bleach hardly ever, Biz is better. I also have a small stainless steel drying rack in my laundry room, it works for keeping a few things out of the dryer. Also started using Seventh Generation dishwasher soap, it works pretty well. And every so often I use Cascade when I see things aren’t quite as sparkly as normal!

    Hope that helps! Have a great weeekend Rachel!

  5. Check with your city about a free/cheap composter…my city sells them to residents for something crazy cheap like $25.

  6. Kat

    My mom had a clothesline when I was a kid. I hated when she used it because I had to hang them up, and the wet clothes are heavy and I am short, bad combination. But now, I think it’s awesome and I wish I had one too. Not to mention the extra calories you’ll burn hanging heavy clothes, and you’ll have some nice guns from it, too.

  7. thank you for reminding me to take my reusable bags to Target this morning! They don’t seem to mind my Ralph’s and Trader Joe’s bags 🙂

  8. I don’t think of myself as green, just practical and thrifty. I think as a nation we’ll be getting back to that way of living OUT OF NECESSITY as hyper-inflation is now sure to occur with all the federal spending skyrockets! I always used cloth diapers for my little ones, unless we were leaving the house, and only for that would we use the disposable….money was the incentive…we simply didn’t have the money to use disposable all the time. I make my own laundry soap, cuts down on containers and is said to be more frugal and environmentally friendly. And, as you probably know, I would DIE without a clothesline! I have five nice long rows and many props and good clothespins, and am at my happiest when I’m hanging those clothes! I don’t know that any of this is “new” as it all seems to be things our mothers and their mothers did before us. Necessity for them, a luxury for some of us! It doesn’t take an environmentalist to show us how to use common sense. That’s how I try to live!

  9. Elma

    Hi there, I have a washline and hang out everything except jeans..Al hates hard jeans:) I even hang out everything in the winter. Everything smells sooooooo good and fresh. It is really wonderful to crawl in a bed that has fresh sheets:) In the winter it is a lot of work because when you take everything in you have to thaw it out:) Oh well with all the laundry I do my dryer would be running all the time. I also have a stainless steel drying rack that i put all the small things on and shove it out on the deck.My towels i hang over my deck and just flip them over once in awhile and they get nice and hard and feel great after a shower. I also bought a brita filter ( no more plastic) and all my kids have water bottles.( No more juice boxes)I also have canvas bags to get food so no more plastic bags. Macy’s are selling really really nice ones for less than 2.$ and wallmart is giving away their bag for free when you bring in 10 plastic bags. ( at least over here they are) Only this week. I try not to give to many baths to save water. I also did cloth when my kids were little. I loved hanging those out in the sun. The sun bleaches them and they come out so white. I am sure If we all try there are many more ways to be green.

  10. that’s a great idea with the bath water. my grandmother has been doing it forever. she also saved her dishpan water for watering her flowers too!

  11. gina

    Awesome idea with the bath water…seems like a weird question, but, is the soap in the water ok for the plants? I totally think I should do the same thing.

  12. Was your husband looking at you crazy while he took a picture of you toting the water outside? Was he helping? There is always so much I could improve on – thanks for the inspiration.

  13. you can get a compost bin in long beach at a reduced cost, and i think they also have compost workshops it is awesome and you can throw so much food, grass clippings, paper into it instead of the trash can, and after awhile have wonderful compost! and it doesn’t smell 😉

  14. You should take a look at my friend, Lauren’s blog…the Schatzel family on my blog. She’s a green queen. =)

  15. I love the bathtub/sink full of water idea. It can’t be much more difficult than refilling a watering can, I mean really.

    My friend uses G-Diapers. They are totally biodegradable and even flushable! I think it takes a little getting used to and I know they’re more expensive, but it’s a great way to reduce waste.

    I love my canvas bags too. In fact, I recently bought two of these because they are small enough to keep in my purse for those times I wasn’t planning on shopping/needing a bag.

    I know you’re already doing this, but I LOVE growing some of my own food. Even if just a little bit, it’s greener if you aren’t using pesticides or having produce shipped in or driven far distances…cuts down on fuel used!

    I think I’ll take this on as a challenge too. I’ll let you know if I come up with any new ideas. My family drives me nuts because no matter how hard I try they just won’t ditch the paper plates and rolls upon rolls of paper towels. Come on people!

    Oh, and this might be a little personal, but it’s one more little way to be a little greener. Instead of pads/tampons, I use this: There is no waste, super comfortable, and no horrible chemicals or fragrances, which also makes me happy. Saves a ton of money in the long run too!

    Other than that, I love this website: They have lots of great ideas for going green. I check it from time to time, there are some great articles about this wonderful Earth we live on.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. Wow, I’m impressed with your post and all the helpful comments. Now, I’m inspired to do something. Thanks.

  17. I’m so impressed! I will definitely try to use the bathwater idea. We try to throw ben into the shower with us as often as possible (they use way less water) or just fill the tub up less, and he definitely doesn’t get a bath everyday (ssssh…don’t tell!) but this idea is great!

    I love being green! 🙂



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