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Today is EARTH DAY 2009 and I think it is our responsibilty to care for what we have been given.

God gave us this beautifully crafted world and it is up to us to do our part.

So….do some recycling, take one less shower, unplug your computer or toaster for an hour, plant some herbs…anything.

Don’t stick your head in the sand and assume that “all is well” and someone else will take care of it.

Care for the earth.  God loaned it to us.  

**I like this new one my dad thought of:  “small trash cans in the shower with the water then going on potted plants is a new one I thought about”**

Good idea dad!




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6 responses to “do your part….

  1. Amber

    Tell Brenna to take one less shower … she is a shower freak!

  2. God loaned it to us. That is so true! I like that line.

  3. Yep, it’s the new animal diarama (is that the right spelling, oh well) seahorses. I just finished the post and hopped over to yours. We’re singing from the same sheet of music, sister!

    Great post. Love the save the shower water idea!

  4. Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

    you have more than enough time to train for and complete a marathon in 2009, you know. There are many training programs that last 18 weeks. I say sign up for Chicago and get to it! 🙂

  5. I know Oprah is not always a favorite among CTL readers, but I watched last night (thanks to my DVR) and I was DISGUSTED by what I saw. The amount of trash – most of it from just littering – that is clogging the Pacific Ocean is just horrifying. Much of it is plastic bags and bottles, which sea animals mistake for food and it kills them. Then she had a segment where a woman visited a landfill that takes most of LA County’s trash, and not only was the amount astounding, what she found at the landfill was ridiculous – furniture, A PIANO (!).

    So if you will allow me to stand on my soap box for 30 seconds…here goes:

    1) buy a reuseable water bottle – I recently got one at Target for 4 bucks. Not only will you save $$$ by not buying bottled water you will be saving those sea turtles and fish and whales from ingesting those plastic bottles.

    2) use reuseable bags for your shopping – for me the hardest part of using reuseable bags is remembering to take them in, but otherwise it’s easy and convenient. Most stores seem to carry them now.

    3) please do not throw items like furniture or pianos (!) in the trash! There were so many toys and clothes in that landfill – all items that could have been used by a family in need, or a school. In these economic times it has never been more important to donate to others – there is NO need for a piano to end up in a landfill (I realize that’s an extreme case but I’m certainly guilty of tossing things that could have been donated…)

    4) recycle – the number 1 item in our landfills is PAPER. Something that so easily can be recycled. If you have a recycling program in your neighborhood, buy an extra trash can and take some extra time to sort your trash. After a while it is just a routine.

    Ok, I will step off said soap box now. Obviously I feel very stronly that as stewards of this earth, we need to do better to take care of it. ANY changes, big or small, can make a difference.

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