where is the craft love?

I have had tons of personal emails from readers and several blog comments, asking where is all the craftin’? So, here is your answer (and thanks to those of you that asked…it made me feel special)

 I was going hot and heavy there for awhile (gettin’ ready for several shows and filling some large holiday orders)…

Truth is this…

I haven’t been crating alot lately.  I really want to.  I mean REALLY want to.  I walk by the craft room and kinda let out a  *sigh…. Some of the only times, lately, that I craft is to make gifts for people or special orders if someone asks me to make them something in particular.

It’s not for a lack of ideas (I got alot swirling up there) or lack of craft lovin’….

It’s for a lack of time.

I’m finding that between playing with Miss K, preparing meals, cleaning, cooking/baking, laundry, ironing, making beds and family calendar, mopping…..I just don’t have tons of time laying around.  I spend her naps cleaning the house and getting food ready/running to the garage with laundry and vacuuming up the extra dog we have laying around here, in hair.  Plus, if I get a free 10-15 minutes, I tend to blog my thoughts away or finish up one of the 3 books I’m in the middle of!!! 

I’m not sad about it at all…I’m loving this stage in life and am aware that It will get even busier when we add on to our family at some point, so I am also prepared for that.  I am also aware that this stage won’t last forever and that makes me get involved with it even more and be actually engaged.  My mind can only wrap itself (successfully, that is) around so many things, so crafting has taken a little bit of a backseat.  I need to be “present” in what I am doing.

I’m thinking about setting aside one night a week to spend some time creating, because I have 9 zillion ideas in my mind…so we will see.


So….anyhoo.  Thanks for asking.  I didn’t want to leave you hanging.  Now you can carry on your day without any worries or concerns.




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10 responses to “where is the craft love?

  1. Isn’t it amazing how the hours fill up? And then there’s also that you know if you get started on something that you won’t want to be interrupted and so . . .Yeah. The crafts will wait but babies grow SO fast. 🙂

  2. one night a week is good. i think you will start looking forward to it. i try to get away to write once a week in the evening. its precious time.

  3. Liz

    It’s amazing how fast our days can go by, it seems like I blink and I’m already going to bed and have done NOTHING creative. Good luck to you!

  4. I like the one night a week idea – that way it’s scheduled into your week and you will look forward to it.

  5. Elma

    Yes our lives do change once we have a baby but that is ok. Some day you will have time again but in the meantime enjoy the stage your in:) I know Al and I started young and at age 42 we are grandparents of a wonderful wyatt and our oldes t is 23 and our baby just turned five(so sad) And Al said were did the time go??? 23 years have passed and it just seems like a moment you blink and the kids are growing up. I have a hard time with that. I just want them to stay home and snuggle with me. My five year old Adrian will say Mom will you hold me?? I drop everything and I hold him as there won’t be much more time for that. Enjoy your wonderful husband and beautiful baby as you will find out time flies.

  6. Priorities change… the crafting will go from your projects to projects you dream up to do with Kensington, and then you’ll be blogging all your craftiness again. It is nice to set aside a date with yourself though when you can so you can continue your interests.

  7. I agree with all these lovely ladies…I have a hard time finding time to craft. I am so far behind on the kid’s baby books which is something I really want to do. But for me to be the best Mommy to my kids I need to have Mommy time whether it’s MIP (Mommy in Prayer) time, reading time or crafting time. I have also found that having my oldest craft alongside me is really fun. She cherishes this time together and it stimulates her creativity and imagination. I have also managed to snag the craft coordinator position at our MOPS group so I can sneak in some craftin’ time that way as well.
    I think you would really enjoy having one night a week to devote to craftin’…it can be so theraputic. Good Luck!

  8. noelle

    we’ll have to set up a “craft night” once a month so we can all get together & craft. I still have my lovely christmas tree advent calendar to finish up – i need a set day a month to make me tackle it again! have a great week!

  9. Dad

    The one night a week sounds good from my perspective….the boys get their baseball games or soccer games so stand up for the equal opportunity girl and tell the guys this is the 21st century:):) Don’t want you to set a bad example for Kensington. We need to have her in the House or the Senate in a few decades:):)

  10. i concur on the scheduling one night a week.
    I love to write ( not blog) but WRITE and collage but found that once Camryn was born I didnt really have the time , energy or zest I once did.
    I started taking time out each week to write a few pages of something, anything and it really changed my perspective. I also made it a point to update my collage “idea folder” so I could easily find images/words I had torn out throughout the week.
    I had something to look forward to and now my writings were not so “random” and more planned and i was actually able to really complete poems and finish a few collages.
    I even felt like a better mommy since I now had another personally fulfilling activity to enjoy!
    have fun and can’t wait to see what you create!

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