I feel compelled….

to say thank you.

I wrote out an entirely HUMONGOUS post about staying home with my kid and how great it is and totally went “off track” from what the purpose of this post was intended to be.

This post is to say thank you to my husband, dad and countless other men who go to work EACH DAY to work for their families.  Thankless, corporate, ho-hum jobs that don’t contain the exciting and stimulating “day-to-day” that these men may had hoped for.  Sure, some men have the job they dreamed of, but most don’t.  But they do it.  And generally, don’t complain.

They wake up early.

Work all day.

And lots of time, aren’t acknowledge for how difficult that is.

My dad has been going to the same job for YEARS (or a variation of it).  Since I was a little girl.  He worked so that we (my brother and I) could go to school, do activities and so I could have the wedding I had.  I can still see him with his briefcase and coffee mug.  Pocket protector and polo shirt.

And now, I watch my husband leave each morning.  “Briefcase” and igloo lunch case.  Collared shirt and keys in hand.  

Each day.  Even when he is tired. Even when he doesn’t want to.


So…really.  Thank you.  Thank you to each of the men I know, don’t know and will never meet.  Thank you for working hard in thankless jobs so you can provide for your family.  

You really are to be admired.



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11 responses to “I feel compelled….

  1. I just got a lump in my throat. thanks for thanking them. They deserve our grattitude and so much more.

  2. Heidi

    …and thank the women, in this (very) modern society, that are blessed with really good jobs so that their husbands can stay at home and take care of the kids. Life doesn’t always turn out how we planned it, it’s what we make of it.

  3. SO TRUE…thanks for the reminder! You are right, faithful men behind us stay at home moms!

  4. dad

    Thanks dear…..I have progressed with time now…..BACKPACK, NO POCKET PROTECTOR, SHAVED HEAD and the obligatory coffee mug:):) Corporate America hasn’t changed neither does my need for java:):)



  5. Well said!! So many people work so hard for their families and it is nice to see they are appreciated so much. 🙂 xo!

  6. Your Brother

    Hey Dad…. dont forget your packs of Chew and dumbells!

  7. What a wonderful thank you. It’s sounds like you have some pretty wonderful men in your life.
    Cheers to them!

  8. We are incredibly grateful that Jake can provide for our family and enjoy his job at the same time. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to work day in, day out at a job that you don’t particularly like, but you need to pay the bills. It is an enormous sacrifice and an incredible amount of pressure, and you’re right that we need to be VERY appreciative!

  9. great post! what a wonderful way to say thank you!

  10. Elma

    What a wonderful post. Yes I am soooo thankful for Al who works seven days a week and most times at least 14 hrs aday. He works hard so I could stay home with our eight children and that they can go to a christian school. Yes I am thankful as I would not know how to do it all if I had to work and clean house ,cook food and of course the four loads of wash I need to do each and every day. We have a dairy farm and it is very hard work and seems like there is allways something broke or cows down or other problems:) Al goes to work s hard each and every day and never complains. Yes I am Blessed:)

  11. Here’s to that. My daddy is a soldier, so he’s extra special to me. Makes sure I’m OK as his little girl, but also makes sure his country is OK, too. Here’s to Bruce.

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