perspective found in the washing machine.

I wasn’t in the greatest mood this morning.  Kinda grumpy.  Annoyed and frustrated.  My kiddo doesn’t feel great, my kitchen floor (and bathroom floor, for that matter) is filthy, the cat is walking around the house crying and Molly is gagging for some reason.  I want to let Miss K run around the backyard and play but there is a large amount of dog poo that I don’t want to clean up.  There are like 9 loads of laundry that appreared overnight that I need to do.

I continued to maintain my sour state and replay in my mind the reasons I am justified for feeling crummy.  

Until I went outside to tackle at least 2 piles of socks and workout clothes so my poor husband can have something to wear to the gym.

And I saw this sitting at the bottom of the washing machine….




It’s one of my daughters little people. She loves these things and I know it got mixed in because she likes to drop them into drawers, baskets and tubs.

I stared at it and something hit me like a dart in between the eyes.

THESE are the days I am going to look back on.

THESE are the days I am going to remember as some of the best days of my life.

Someday, when my children leave our house and I am sitting with Sean and enjoying the silence one evening, THESE are the days I will fondly recall as some of the most joyful, meaningful and precious times of my life.  Not the easiest or most glamorous, but the most purposeful and special.

THESE are the days that my Lord has given as a gift.

THESE days, with my child, are few and fleeting.

And POOF.  My attitude changed.  

All from looking in the washing machine.



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12 responses to “perspective found in the washing machine.

  1. Kat

    Thanks for the tear jerker moment…you should write that in one of your cards to sell.

  2. At a recent MOPS mtg. our speaker referred to the time when our children are young as a “season of your life”. Enjoy your “season”…

    BTW-love the vintage little people!

  3. oh i’m so glad your mood changed. i don’t like those days. i prefer good mood days, lol. it’s funny how that happens too!

  4. well said – a good reminder to all of us to cherish each day.

  5. That is great- I so look forward to those days 🙂

  6. All you’ve said is TRUE! Good thing to remind us about!

  7. Rachel, I loved this post of yours- we all have those days when we feel crummy about the house, all the stuff we hve to do, etc…. but the kiddos put things in perspective, don’t they??? I am sitting here cracking up at that little face looking up from the washng machine! 🙂

  8. That’s almost even better than the $20 bill I found in mine last week… almost…

  9. it’s the little things that warm our hearts and make us smile 🙂 little things, little people… same difference.

    I hope Miss K is feeling better!

  10. this post brought tears to my eyes. i love your perspective (and your blog for that matter!) you are an inspiration!

  11. Mary L

    Hearing you say these kinds of things over the past year has really stuck in my head. I hope I never forget to be grateful and to enjoy every minute with my beebs! Thanks for the reminders! 🙂

  12. I love these special moments that sneak up on us. My last one was a my son’s favorite Teddy Bear in the freezer.

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