The past, revisited.

My parents surprised Kensington (And myself) with a dollhouse. The same dollhouse that I played with when I was a little girl. The same little pieces, colors and smells. A walk down memory lane, indeed.  The pieces are still in mint condition and look just as I remember them.  If you look close you can see a “LIFE” magazine on the coffee table (about the size of a dime) and a small ketchup bottle in the kitchen.  Just itsy bitsy. And perfect.

Thanks mom and dad, for restoring this and making it special for my daughter. It was a treasure for me and will be for her.

*these pics were taken with my phone, so they aren’t great*



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17 responses to “The past, revisited.

  1. wow how special. and very nice! she is going to enjoy many hours playing with that house.

  2. Oh how cool! I love the yellow kitchen! That is so neat that they kept it! Very special!

  3. How cool….Love it…and love your blog. Will be back to read more…Would love for you to visit me.

  4. I love, love, love it!
    I have an old dollhouse that still needs to be refinished but my daughter’s been playing with it @ my mom’s and it brings back soooo many memories. It’s hard to find all that cool stuff…my daughter’s dollhouse up until now has been a plastic fisher-price one,fun but not the same!

  5. That is definitely a treasure!

  6. I’m so HAPPY that they saved this for you and the joy it will bring you and your daughter for many happy hours…old stuff is the BEST!

  7. SOOO cute. And how very special!! A treat for you both. 🙂

  8. Sweeeeeeeeeeet! My doll house was tin with molded plastic furniture but I loved it too! reliving the dream baby!!

  9. The furniture is so fabulous! I want a dollhouse. I was on a kick for a while where I wanted to collect mini typewriters so I went on a lot of dollhouse sites, maybe you need a mini typewriter for her dollhouse too.

  10. you are so lucky!! my dollhouse is long gone…:(

  11. It looks like there is a lot of love in that house.

  12. Oh I always wanted one of those! Miniature anything is so much fun.

    I just had the Barbie dream house which did NOT hold up for future generations.

  13. Kat

    I love that you mentioned it smells the same. I love familiar smells, especially ones that remind me of childhood. Brian brought his tool bag in the house once to do some work, and he opened it, and it smelled like my dad. My dad was a toolmaker when I was growing up, and so he always smelled like tools. It probably sounds gross to anyone else, but I got to love that smell. So when Brian opened his bag I was taken back to being a little girl, my dad coming home from work and hugging me, still wearing his workshirt. Smells bring back good memories for me (some bad ones too, like the smell of an old boyfriends cologne, BLAH, but I digress). Have fun with your doll house!

  14. Elma

    That is the nicest gift for you and your princess:) You both will enjoy it. Have a great day!!!

  15. How special that they saved it! It must bring back such wonderful memories. The little bitty bathroom is so cute!

  16. Mary L

    My dad made all of his girls dollhouses when we where little, and I can’t wait to share mine with Alice. I had some of the same furniture as you had in mine! I still have the white furniture set (always loved the highchair) and the green velvet sofa. I’m sure Kensington will LOVE it!

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