around the house.

I am workin’ on an Easter post, but in the meantime, I wanted show you a few new things around the house.  Since none of us (at least no-one I know) has the dinero to re-do their house right now, when I feel the itch to switch things up, I look close to home.  I find things I have laying around and get clever.

1.) We had a large map hanging in our living room for awhile.  It was fine, but not very “us”.  It was taking up a whole wall, so I looked at it all the time and finally thought….I would rather have a bare wall than something I’m not lovin’.  Turns out I don’t like blank walls.  So, I made something happen during one of Miss K’s naps the other day.  I have some vintage fence pieces and I threw one up on the wall (same nail holes and everything) and then threw up some vintage photos and paper.  All of the photos are family members.  (The beautiful sepia print of the lady is Sean’s late grandmother, Sydna)  It has been so neat to look at each of the pictures and think of fun things I can do during the year to switch it up.  If you have ANY ideas for it-send them to me.  






2.) I have met some of the nicest people as a result of blogging.  People I would have never known otherwise and am so blessed to call friends.  I posted awhile back on my old “vintage delights” blog (RIP) that I am in love with old, PYREX dishes.  I found a fun, orange one at a thrift store and excited to add to my collection.  I was THRILLED the other day when a blog friend, Elma, sent me three PYREX refrigerator dishes.  Yellow and Red.  


Thank you so much, Elma.  They will be used all the time.  You made me so happy….



3.) I am toying with the idea of doing a weekly post re: Cheap (read FREE) home decor and renovation.  I need a name for it and I am fresh out of snazzy-ness.  You got anything?


Have a good Monday everyone.  




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13 responses to “around the house.

  1. LOVE the fence and the idea of old pics.
    often times when i am tired of whats on the walls I use old calendars that i have kept and frame the monthly pictures and it spruces up the place w/ out breaking my pocket book.
    Or i like to change the covers to our throw pillows (ikea and very inexpensive) to breath new life into the place!

  2. OHMYGOSH…I LOVE what you did with this piece of old fencing! What an awesome idea! And I am out of clever ideas for your decorating blog…but if you wanted to, you could just make a seperate category in THIS blog. (This spoken from someone who has started too many blogs and has regrets for doing so! It feels too hard to keep up with all of them!)

    And, like you, I have enjoyed making friends via blogging! I love the little dishes your friend sent you…

  3. i love the fence with all the photos! and i totally love that you used clothes pins to hang the pictures with!

  4. I love the old pyrex stuff. My mom gave me a set of bowls and refridge ware just like yours when I got married. I keep butter and cream cheese in them. 🙂 Love!

  5. I love love love the fence used as a display. I also love the vintage pyrex!!! SWOON!

  6. Elma

    Hi there, I am soooo glad the pyrex made it to you all in one piece:) I just love pyrex. They are so easy to clean and the colors stay nice and bright as long as you don;t put them in the dishwasher. I love your fence idea. How cool is that. Love the dress in the last post! She is soooo adorable and all that hair. My little boy Adrian finally had his first haircut at three.

  7. Oh, this is too funny! I was thinking about doing something similar. Well, you beat me to it. Just was well–I’m not much of an interior designer. I mean, the big picture I do fine with–it’s the details where I lose inspiration.

    I do have a ton of old pictures to display. I had a great idea, but it will no longer work! 😦

    Okay, so names. I’ll have to think about that one.

  8. I love those dishes. My mom just gave me some of the smaller ones. They make me happy too!


  9. Gin

    SUCH a great idea with the fencing! I love the dishes and I’ll definitely be checking back for the cheapo redecorate ideas!

  10. Your fence piece is just fantastic, I love the old photos and the clothes pins – it looks great! (And wow, you can tell Sydna was Alice’s sister, they look so much alike!)

    For your home decorating tips, I’m thinking of Cheap N Chic, something like that?

  11. Kat

    I have absolutely no sense for decorating style. I have all hand me down stuff, so nothing matches and I never know what to with it. I’m sure as Serena gets older, her sense of what looks good will save my odd home. One of the many reasons I am convinced God knew what He was doing when He gave me her.

  12. I love the vintage photo idea! I have so many beautiful pictures of family members no longer with us and have been trying to figure out how to display them nicely! I will have to give it a try.

  13. I’ve kind of been wanting to do something like this with an old crib mattress know; the old wire kind. You could put up vintage valentines and Christmas cards at other times of the year, but I really do love it just as it is.

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