dye, eggs, tomorrow and your opinion.

We decorated some Easter Eggs last night.  Miss K’s first experience with dyeing eggs (although she was much more concerned with the fabulous dolly’s that grandma got her).  It felt like when I was a kid.  Nostalgia.




The tri-colored eggs are my husbands.  He is such a “right brain-er” and I love it.  I was watching him make these dual colored/tri-colored eggs and was thinking, “hey!  that’s not the way you are supposed to do it! You are supposed to dip them in one color….”  and wouldn’t you know that they are the prettiest?  My left-brain mentality gets in the way sometimes and I am working on that.  Not EVERYTHING has to be done “by the book”.  


It was a fun craft time and another lovely addition to the season.

BUT….What I am REALLY thinking about is tomorrow.  Good Friday

WHY IS IT that people, in general, ignore this holiday? I’m not saying that people do it intentionally or purposefully, but very little attention is paid to (in my opinion) one of the most IMPORTANT day/holidays in the Christian faith.  Tomorrow is what set the stage for the resurrection.  Why isn’t it more celebrated?  Do you think it is because it is so painful to think about (because I get that), or is it because people just don’t want to have to make everything more “religious” than it has to be?  I’m seeing that more and more.  Everything is secularized these days. Even by “Christians”….and I’m finding that we are totally buying into it.  Can you help me figure it out?

I am not guilt free.  I was making an Easter basket for Miss K and saw the small pile of gifts I have for her and my husband.  I was standing up, and staring at the floor as it all laid, ready to be be-dazzled in her basket.  There was two Dora the Explorer toys, an airplane and a book.  NONE of which had  to do with the Risen Lord. I was disappointed with myself.  We try so hard to keep Christ the focus in our family, but I was in a hurry (maybe that is the problem?) and just picked up what I found.  I don’t mean to get all crazy strict with the Easter basket thing.  I believe it is the undertone of your families traditions that creates the importance/priority of the holidays…but STILL.  What was I thinking?  I want Miss K to grow up and know that Good Friday/Palm Sunday/Christmas/ and Easter are about Jesus and His setting us free.  NOT about eggs, bunnies, baskets/Santa/elves/presents and good food.  NONE of which are bad…just not the center.  And no…I’m not going to return all the stuff.  It’s fun and she will enjoy it, but I was still reminded that I have to be intentional about making our priority as a family to focus on the meaning of the holiday.  And that isnt Dora and Diego.

So…in your opinion…what do you think it is that makes/causes/allows us to glide over certain holidays and ignore the real meaning of them?  And if you feel that you don’t struggle with this, let us know how you keep the real meaning the “focus”. I would love to hear what you have to say!!  I am always looking for great ideas to remind us all of the stuff we are living for….




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8 responses to “dye, eggs, tomorrow and your opinion.

  1. Good Friday has always made me cry if I think about it too much. Even now, typing this I feel the light sting of tears wanting to form. For me, it’s very personal and I tend not to celebrate or share it with others. Outwardly, I go to church after work on Friday and go through the Stations of the Cross, but I usually try not to think about it too much especially around other people.

    You can plan something special with Miss K, something that can become a tradition for your family.

    Growing up my mother always emphasized that the Easter Bunny was a symbol of spring and rebirth to take away the commercial nature of it. We stil got baskets like other kids, we still hunted easter eggs. However, the hunt was organized by the church and they were secondary in nature. The basket and hunt took maybe 30-45 minutes out of a day where the focus was on the important things: going to church, reading the story of easter, being with family and spending time together.

  2. Nicole

    I totally wanted Easter Baskets to have a spiritual focus after Ezekiel was born so each year we put in one item to help with spiritual growth in the next year. This year the boys are getting two books about Jesus. Just a little way to have fun, but focus on the real reason we celebrate!

    I am completely guilty of overlooking Good Friday:( What a great reminder!

    We also dye eggs as a family, but we do it on a white table cloth that we have had since Josh and I got married. Then after we dye the eggs and splash color all over- we write the years blessings. It is so neat to see all the ways we have been blessed through the years.

  3. My husband and I just had this conversation last night. We try and avoid doing anything that has to do with eggs, the bunny or candy (commercial aspect) on Easter Sunday so our kids know the difference between the fun/traditional things can be done but the true meaning of the celebration is what the holiday is about and that is focused on Easter Sunday as well as our family nights (monday nights) every week for the month of March.

    I think it’s fun to have the kids do egg hunts and color eggs but I believe as long as the parents are continually talking about the real meaning (while coloring eggs for exampl, explaining why eggs represent new life, etc.) then the kids will grow up and teach their children correctly.

    I can not speak for society as a whole as to why such an important date is kept in the background but I know that it wasn’t for my family growing up, not for my little family now and certainly, if I’m parenting my children correctly, it won’t be in the background for future generations to come.

    For me, it’s such a personal thing…such a touching time while reflecting on what was happening that I tend to keep my feelings to myself and my family. It makes it more intimate and that’s how I think it should be.

    Basically, like I said earlier, what it boils down to is the parents. If they are making sure to teach their children the true meaning they will get it. They will know by our example the difference between the fun traditions (that are wonderful) and also show reverence for this time of year.

    Happy Easter to you and yours…

  4. Remember that it’s all about balance. Having bunnies, jelly beans and egg hunts are fine. Just make sure to balance it with the Biblical context of Easter. Read Easter storybooks throughout Lent, plan some “biblical” traditions, like the He Has Rise rolls or the Palm Sunday Hosanna palm.

    It will get a little easier to integrate the Biblical focus as your daughter gets a little older, too and you can have more in-depth conversations. Now that Anne is three, we can talk about Jesus dying on the cross and his resurrection more in-depth. Also, I try to do it throughout the season of Lent, so that it doesn’t get pushed aside when I am frantic with all the other little things I want to get done before Easter.

    It will happen, don’t worry, Rachel. Just the fact that you are pondering all this means it’s a priority for you. It doesn’t have to happen all in one year. You can build meaningful/biblical family Easter traditions as the years pass.

  5. I get really emotional during Easter. We attend church from Maundy Thursday through Sunday. It’s an interesting experience as we leave church on Friday night with the room dark, and in silence. It’s emotional that’s for sure.
    It’s funny that you blogged about the easter basket my husband and I have been struggling with that as well. I was proud of myself this year. I bought the kids some candy, trinkets but the big items were a psalty cd and a book all about the resurrection. As Kensington gets older you can do more things like the resurrection eggs or other activities that focus on the real meaning of Easter. It’s tricky. Be sure to check out my blog. My husband’s guest bloggin this weekend and his writings are very insightful.

  6. To be honest, I never started the tradition of Easter baskets with my kids. It was mostly out of disorganization and laziness, but now that they don’t associate Easter with baskets, it’s a lot easier to help them remember why we have Easter. But I see nothing wrong with Easter baskets, I just never got around to starting it with my kids. Now we dye eggs (and draw pictures on them about the Easter story like Resurrection Eggs), and make Resurrection Rolls or Easter cookies (although this year’s batch was a disaster.) I also encourage mine to just draw pictures of Easter. It makes them think about it more.

  7. we dyed our eggs today. yours look cute! thanks for visiting me today.

  8. Kat

    I love Good Friday, and I too wish I would make more of a deal out of it. Serena and I had a great conversation in the car on this Good Friday, though. I told her it was Good Friday, and asked if she knew why we called it that? I got to tell her, this was the day that Jesus died on the cross. This was the day he was beaten and whipped and nailed to a cross. We agreed that it was very sad. So I told her that we call it Good Friday, because of what happened Sunday. If it weren’t for Easter Sunday, Good Friday would be a bad day. But, Because Jesus rose from the dead, he took our punishment and now we get to be in Heaven with Him. Now, in previous years, this same conversation ended in her saying “It’s sad that Jesus died.” But this time….mmm…this time it was different. “I’m glad Jesus died for me, mom.” “Me too” was all that I could reply. Me too.

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