no crying over spilled milk.

This is my first ever video “post”.  I’m new at this, so be patient.  It got cut off at the end, but what I said was….”while the milk spilling all over the floor and crib isnt a big deal at all…it reminded me of a big lesson.  Keep giving up control to the Lord.  In all area’s.”


My child jumping up and down showing me her milk designs:



You should have seen UNDER the mattress.  How it got under there, I have no idea:


And my child, doing the victory splits on a stripped mattress, after her masterpiece:




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15 responses to “no crying over spilled milk.

  1. Oh my goodness, that was great! I loved when she started making noises in the background while mom was trying to talk. That is a fun way to blog!!!! And, I agree with everything you said too!!

  2. Now that is funny… love her wild wake-up hair!

  3. jenn

    OMG this is amazing! i vote YES on vid posts! but i must say that my favorite part is the pic of her doing the rock-star splits…thats my girl! SEND.

  4. Elma

    Love the vid post!!! She is soooo adorable. You know once you have kids well life never goes as planned:)

  5. Love it! And can so relate. I have been such a control girl in my life and just when I think I’ve given it up, something shows up to show me I still have a ways to go…and probably always will!


  6. of course you have to laugh… she was quiet? yup that’s where your troubles began! precious girl, precious mommy!

  7. Hahaha, I’m sorry…I have to laugh, I’ve actually been through the same thing before 😉 You’re right, you just have to laugh about it! Love the vlog!

    Jamie 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh! She reminds me of my Jesse. He used to bite the nipples of his bottles in the minivan and POUR out the milk!! He hated riding in the car!!

  9. SO TRUE. Just when I think I managed to one-up my kids, I am reminded in a BIG way that they OWN me.

  10. Dad

    Oh the beauty of a young child passing a stage where now they exercise their independence and begin to in their own way of saying…..”no more bottle, sippy cup only and get me out of this freaking cage!!” Next she will be demanding steak and eggs and a grown up bed!! HAHA To this day, I remember putting you in your own bed and tucking you in real tight so that you wouldn’t roll out and smash your noggin!!

  11. I’ll have to wait until tonight to view the video, but just had to say she sure looks proud of herself! 🙂

  12. i totally feel you…for me, OCD & bein a momma don’t always go so well together, always one more thing to check of my list & get done. God is definately trying to teach me priorities! on the up side, aren’t you glad you have wood floors & not carpet? 😉

  13. I love that your dad left a comment. Very seldom my dad does that too. 🙂
    I LOVE the vlog post! I think it’s SOOO much more interesting and entertaining to get a story across. Nobody wants to read that much these days anyway. Well, you’re adorable and so is miss K. I think my now 3.5yo granddaughter got graduated to a sippy cup with ‘some’ water in it around this age.
    Is that a Jenny Heid cupcake poster I spy in your background? I keep thinking I need to get one of those!

  14. That is HILARIOUS! She’s getting so big, she was just a ‘baby baby’ not too long ago…

  15. Kat

    When they do these things, don’t you wish you could be in thier head hearing them plan this out. Why did she decided it was fun to spill the milk? Did she think it looked pretty?

    And the victory splits picture…made me laugh, literally, out loud.

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