do you ever wonder?

Today is Palm Sunday.  “Holy Week” begins today…..always the 6th Sunday in Lent.

Today marks the celebration that began so many years ago with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  If I imagine it in my mind, I can see all the crowds on either side of Jesus….waving their palm branches and cheering.  The place is jammed packed with people who had traveled to celebrate the passover in Jerusalem.  Families and children…many of them straining to catch a glipmse of their “king”, as they had proclaimed. This WAS the messianic king that they had hoped for and heard about.  They all have faces that are in awe, eyes shifting and gazing….looking for Him.

And there is Jesus.  Riding in on a donkey.  Which is so perfect, because it perfectly suits the humility that characterizes Jesus.  No pomp and circumstance at all.  Just Him and His donkey.  

But if I stop and REALLY think about it…..

I wonder what Jesus was thinking.  He did know what was going to happen in just a few days.  He knew that these same people would cry out and shout for His crucifixion.  He knew of that betrayal and He rode in and let them shout and exclaim His name anyway.  I wonder what was going through His head.  Was He scared?  Was He angry?

Or….was He as He always is?


He knows how fickle we are. He knows that we want what WE want and when we want it.  He knows that we change at the drop of a hat and turn our backs on Him.  He knows our sin.

And yet, He rode in.  For you.  For me.  For each of us.  Knowing He would die in 5 days. He had 5 days to live.  And He let the people cheer.  

Because He made them.  He adored them.

And He would, in 5 days, die for them.




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2 responses to “do you ever wonder?

  1. Amber

    Your words touched my heart (and made me cry). Thank you for being so aware of our Lord’s last days and making me more thoughtful because of it.

  2. Kat

    Thinking about this always gets me. And every year when I am blessed to be teaching during Easter, I always try to stress to the kids, as best as they can grasp, that Jesus knew it was all going to happen as it did, yet He came anyway. He knew Judas would betray him, and He washed his feet anyway. He knew Peter would deny Him, yet he gave him instructions on what to do when he turned back again. He knew we’d curse him, and spit at him, and he came anyway. I watched a show last night on crucifixtion, and how it kills. It was heart wrenching to know that I am the reason he endured it. That never gets old, never.

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