The sun is out and we are enjoying the benefits.  With no spare cash to hit a water-park, we made our own, out front.  My daughter had never seen/played with our garden hose, but today she went to town.  Daddy was washing the cars and Miss K and I chilled on the porch and she drank excessive amounts of hose water.  





In other sun-shiny news…..

Here is the picture of my sprouting basil leaves!  The parsley hasn’t sprung yet, but it will!  I will be patient.  WHO KNEW that a seed packet for $1.29 could make me this happy?!?


I hope each of you are having a great weekend and enjoying the sunshine!!



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7 responses to “ahhh…..sunshine…..

  1. Nicole

    I love the gnome!!

  2. shanna

    Gotta love hose time!

  3. Elma

    She is just a cutie:) I love your flowers. I can’t wait for green grass and flowers.

  4. Hose water, the original EVIAN…

  5. jenn

    awwww i LOVED playing with the hose in the front yard. love the pics of Miss K! Xx!

  6. Oh sunshine and flowers… a dim and distant memory. It’s SNOWING again today in Utah, for the 50 bazillionth time this year!!! I’m ready to move next door to you in sunny CA.

  7. Gotta love hose water, the fabulous rubbery taste.

    Also I am jealous of your herb growing, I tried to grow a bunch of herbs a few years back and ALL 6 KINDS died. All of them. Sigh, plants like to die on me.

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