whirling around up there.

I was going to try and write a well-composed post about the many thoughts, ideas and feelings that have been skipping through my head this week, but I am a little sleepy and so…..my fabulous Cherry Tree Lane’ers……

You get post in list-format.  

1.) I made my first lasagna this week.  It was GOOD.  Scratch that off my list.


2.) My daughter is really good at obeying our rule of “no touch” on certain things in our house.  I was not about to rearrange all of my home once Miss K was born….We have all kinds of knick-knacks and decor that is eye level that I wasn’t willing to shove in a closet….so Miss K has learned what she can and can’t touch.  Done and Done. She gets it and I love her for it.   BUT…there is one basket that catches her eye everyday.  It is hilarious.  And she wants to touch it so badly.  So, instead of following through on disciplining one day….I decided to take pictures of the guilty party.  Parenting at it’s finest.

(Can you see the culprits sticky fingers?  Inching towards the basket…..)



3.) I have been enthralled with the subject of “etiquette” lately.  I think that it is spurred by the LACK of etiquette in our society.  Rules are gone and it seems like everything is permissible.  I  really am unwilling to raise Miss K like this.  At this point you may be laughing at me for getting all “fired up” about a subject like this when there are things that are much more important.  Well, that’s ok. You can think I’m crazy/uptight/over-compensating/over-bearing/perfectionist etc.  At least my kid won’t be throwing food/tantrum/forks in restaurants and will actually write a thank you note for a birthday present THEMSELVES instead of a “fill in the blank” thank you card (and yes….i saw these at TARGET the other day….sorry if you have used them, but I assume that if your kid is old enough to fill in the blanks, they are old enough to write a note in it’s entirety….).  I feel like proper manners are important, don’t you??  

HOWEVER….my faith in the old tradition of etiquette was renewed twice this week!  Huzzah!

I had some friends over this weekend and afterwards, I was given an actual hostess gift with a thank you note from a friend that came.  This same friend actually was the first to RSVP, contacted me ahead of time to ask if I needed anything for the evening, came on time and followed it up with not only the said gift but a gracious thank you email!  I was so happy!  A nice return to the “old school”. 

The following day I received another thank you note from one of my best friends for lending her some plates.  I have let her borrow things before and talk to her all the time.  It was not big deal at all, but that is the POINT.  She still thought to thank me and send a handwritten note.  Making something small, special.  It was great!

I am trying to find an inexpensive copy of Emily Post’s 17th ed. “Etiquette”.  Perhaps I will start a “Miss Manners teaches etiquette” for little kids….I already have two friends that said they will sign their kids up IMMEDIATELY. 







4.) My basil has sprouted outside!  I just saw it today but didn’t snap a picture.  I will as soon as possible!  Still waiting on my parsley. I was SO excited.  I’m on my way to my own herb garden.

5.) This is my space:

img_5997This is where I pray, journal and do my devotion.  It is a wonderfully therapeutic thing for me.  My quiet time each day (I try to do it first thing in the morning, but sometimes it is pushed back to during Miss K’s first nap) has become something sacred.  I get a cup of coffee (or diet coke depending) and curl up.  It’s making me a better person.  WHY did noone tell me how beneficial spending daily time with God was?  Oh wait….they did.  I was just too “busy” to listen.  Silly Rachel. 

6.) My fabulous friend MAA sent me a vintage date book.  So I can log all my special days of the year.  It is from 1941.  To log birthdays, anniversaries and other special events.  So antiquated, but so fabulous. Thanks MaryAnn…for thinking of me, always.


7.) I can only give you a sneak peek, but I am making a fun treat for my neices birthday.  Here is a small part….

img_59968.) And finally…..a great verse.

Psalm 9:10 
“Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.”

Those that seek….will never be left.  The Lord is always there for us.  He is so faithful.



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9 responses to “whirling around up there.

  1. noelle

    Love the post of Ms. K getting into your basket of goodies! I’m with you on etiquette training! We’ve been trying to work on our kids for awhile – it’s slow progress but we have seen some improvement. They actually offer etiquette classes w/ LB parks & rec – I’ve even considered signing my kids up for the classes – we’ll see how the “home training” goes first! I think in the world of e-mail, facebook & evites – we all get used to communicating electronically & don’t think of taking the time out to write a simple “thank you” note 🙂 hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I am personally ntrigued to see what #7 is all about…

  3. Your lasagna looks amazing. I’m sure it tasted that way too. Such a delicious dish but it does involve a lot of dirty dishes doesn’t it?

    I am HORRIBLE about thank you notes. You should have raised me.

  4. Rachel,
    I’m working on a prayer journal as a project for next year’s MOPS. I’ll have to send you one! Once I have it ready I’ll send it off…let me know what ya think!

  5. Elma

    Lovely post! I am with you on manners:) Do you read a certain book or do you read the BIBLE in the morning? Hey I went to target and they had no record player.

  6. Wow, you’ve been busy! And productive! I love your ‘space’, it definitely looks like the perfect place for prayer and reflection…And I’m totally with you on bringing back etiquette – my mom made us write thank-yous whenever we got presents, and I think it’s so important and respectful. Way to go!

  7. There is nothing wrong with manners. My girl is the sweetest little thing with the best manners, and I’m so proud to be her mama! She also writes thank you notes:) Despite all that, sometimes she still has to touch the basket.

  8. It does make the day go so much better when i have time to pray, meditate. I turn my day over to Jesus and I feel much more centered all day long.

  9. Michelle Eastman

    I like list day – never apologize! :o)

    And it is not only thank you notes that are a dying art, it is EVERYthing personal. Do you know that some feel there is no “point” in teaching writing and grammer since all of life is tecnological now and our kids will always type and never write in the future? WHAT??

    A hand-written note in the mail makes ANYONE’s day better and it makes people feel special ….

    My boys write thank -you notes for gifts all the time. They send drawings to those who are sick or sad. And they are learning to keep journals. All things that great man of yesteryear were tained to do, did willingly, and have documented in books and originals in museums. WELL worth the time it takes as parents!

    Etiquette – a dying art as well and it is amazing how many parents do not care! Smacking food at the table, not opening doors for elders, loud voices indoors, and the list goes on …. manners ALWAYS matter in the business and professional world … so the training must take place in real life to prepare them.

    Enjoyed it all, Rachel!!

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