If you are a dog lover….you will totally get the urgency of this.

My sister in law, Melissa’s dog, Henry, ran away from home yesterday around 5pm and hasn’t returned yet.  Can you pray that he will be united with his owners and brother, Jack?  They all love him so….and it is hard to be without one of your “kids”….all you want is for them to be safe.

Please come home, Henry!!!  




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4 responses to “Henry! COME HOME!

  1. Thank you Rachel – I finally broke down and cried this evening because I am SO worried about him. We put up signs and tomorrow I have the babysitter coming over so Jack and I can drive around and call for Henry. It breaks my heart just thinking of him out there, somewhere…

    Thank you for your prayers – pray that I don’t give up hope just yet and that I can keep it together to go and find my boy…

  2. Hopefully the signs will do it! Our Chloe got out and was gone over night, we put signs out and the person who picked her up on the FREEWAY OVERPASS (thank goodness) drove back through the neighborhood in the afternoon the next day, saw our signs and called. I’m so sorry. I know how rough tonight will be and how scary it feels, until he come back home, and he will…


  3. i’ll be praying someone kind finds him and returns him…i stopped in the middle of the road just last week to try and get a dog out of the road, i cry everytime i see a dog on the loose!

  4. me

    Oh that breaks my heart. If our crazy dog went wandering I would be so sad too. Hope he makes it home safely and SOON!

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