Around the World with the Reeves-The Great STAY-CATION 2009


DRUMROLL PLEASE……!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year, the Reeves family will be traveling all over the world!

Come July, we are taking our vacation to 5 separate destinations (one of which you, the blog audience, are picking)…!!!!!  Five fabulous vacation spots will be explored by our little clan!  We can’t WAIT!!

And this is when you are saying….”WHAT?  HOW?”


As you know, (and as many of you are personally experiencing) finances are really tight.  We don’t have alot (or any) expendable income.  Most fun things we are doing, as of late, are done with gift cards/coupons or are free!  And so, the Reeves had a zany idea for our summer vacation this year.  Since we really desire to travel (Sean and I both have a love affair with the idea of being globe-trotters someday) and enjoy learning about different cultures, people, cuisine, film and literature….but don’t have the funds right now….we needed to get clever!!!

So, we came up with the GREAT STAY-CATION 2009!

For five days straight, we will visit 5 different locations, right from our living room (somewhere, Shanna is doing the “I knew it!” dance…)!!!!!

Each day we will focus on a different place and plan the day accordingly.  We will eat food from that location, watch films from that region, learn fun facts about the place we are “visiting” and give small souvenirs that were collected from our visit there. I already have plans to decorate the house for each day and visit local venues as well!  It is actually proving to take alot of planning (and foresight) to make it really special, but we are excited and committed to the idea. We are also going to do the entire week for $150.00 (of which we are going to make from selling some items on Craigs List we don’t need anymore!  WOOHOO!).  This vacation is going to be virtually free!

Some might think this idea is super “cooky” or just “not the same” as real travel….but it is what we can do right now and we are going to have fun and make it as authentic as possible. I can see us continuing this tradition in the future, especially when our kids get older.  Travel isn’t cheap, but I still want my child to have a wide understanding of the huge world God made! Sean and I each picked two places we would like to visit and one was left up to YOU.

Here are the the results!

Monday (Sean): Beijing

Tuesday (Rachel): Greece

Wednesday (Sean): Rio de Janeiro

Thursday (Rachel): Washington DC

Friday (You): Chicago (Thank you Melissa for the wonderful idea!)

We can’t wait to share our pictures and experiences with you.  Thank you to EVERYONE that made a suggestion.  I can’t tell you how fun it was for me to sit and dream about each place.  I added several to my “I really want to visit there!” list. If you live in the So Cal area and have a suggestion for authentic food/activities/movies that we can watch/eat or attend, please let us know! We want to fill up our days to the brim!



If you want to join us for part of our “vacation” , let us know!  We would love to be travel buddies with you!

Here is to a week of travel!



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20 responses to “Around the World with the Reeves-The Great STAY-CATION 2009

  1. Mary L

    LOVE this idea!!! You are FABULOUSLY creative! I think I have a Greek doll somewhere that miss k can borrow for the day. 🙂 I will get Jason started on thinking up recipes for you. 🙂 Have FUN!!!

  2. your idea is GENIUS!!! I love how you’re pulling out all the stops to make it fun and as authentic as possible for your family! I will be glued to your journies!!

  3. What a fantastic idea! I’m sure you will all have fun time “traveling” 🙂

  4. Can we come visit you at one of your travel destinations?? I can’t belive how creative you are!! Amazing! have a great time!

  5. This is a great idea!! Can’t wait to see what comes out of it!!

  6. I love it! I suggest George’s Greek Cafe (on 2nd street). and your in luck, Tuesday is 1/2 price bottle of wine day!! I can’t wait to see you posts during your holiday!

  7. I would like to meet you in Bejing! Oh and “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!” she said dancing around the room. 😉

  8. gina garland

    Ooooooo….let me give you guys your souvenirs for Beijing since we’ve been there and I’m sure we have some extra something somethings. Oh, and this may not count as an authentic movie choice, but we have several (14) American movies that we bought there with Chinese subtitles that you can’t get rid of. If you want, email me and I’ll send you the titles. I can even teach you a little Chinese calligraphy…might be fun to choose a meaningful symbol, practice it, and then paint it onto something as a souvenir. The ideas are flowing….

  9. emily e.

    How fun! I think it’s a great idea! Did you know we lived in Beijing for a year? We LOVED it! Hope you do too :o)

    emily ecklund

  10. hahhaah this is so funny! great idea

  11. You’re the cutest! I totally LOVE that idea. That’s something I would do, and half of my friends would laugh at me and my family wouldn’t understand at all, but I’d do it anyway. My favorite part about it is that you want to make it into a new tradition for your family…I love creating new traditions. I’m so excited to get married next year and start creating some traditions of our own : ) If I think of anything to help make your vacations more authentic and fun, I will surely send you an email. How fun!

    Chicago! Yay! Eat some delicious deep dish pizza for me! I’ll never have that chance now that I’m allergic to wheat, so I’ll let you have the fun.

  12. Good for you guys!!! I think it is important to show your kids about the different areas of the world, and what a great idea when budgets are tight!! I might have to work in some little staycation as well for andrew and myself!! 🙂 xo!

  13. noelle

    LOVE IT! We did a Stay-Cation a few months ago – but it was only for one day 🙂 Such a great idea for the whole week!

  14. This will be super fun. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

    For your D.C. portion, you should check out Tabitha’s blog: From Single to Married (there’s a link on my blog). She give fantastic virtual tours of the D.C. area.

  15. I hope you’ll be blogging your whirlwind stay-cation 🙂 This is a great idea!

  16. Jonathan

    Im want to come on chicago day….

    The food will be awesome 🙂

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  19. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to any of your chosen places, but I do have some movie recommendations, if that’s alright! I feel like I’ve been to these places from watching these movies!

    For Beijing – ‘The Inn of the Sixth Happiness’ – Ingrid Bergman plays a woman who goes as a Christian missionary to China and ends up saving an orphanage of children from a war…and of course finds love! It’s a beautiful movie!

    For Chicago – ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ – this is Will Ferrell in a more straight role; he plays an IRS auditor who finds himself as the main character in a book being written by Emma Thompson. (It makes sense when you watch it.) It’s another truly beautiful movie, and one of my favorites!

    Next year go if you go to the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, South Africa or Australia, Patrick and I will totally be there with help!

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