thrifty. frugal francine. penny-pincher. tight-wad.

I’m finding that as the “domestic engineer”, I am learning more and more ways to save our family money.  I’m all about it.  It’s a principle that I enjoy learning about and also look forward to cultivating as a “lifestyle”, rather than a “fun idea”.  I’m finding more and more satisfaction from being a good steward of the Lord’s money than I ever found from having things.  
It is another way I can serve my family.
 I have had some fun challenging my grocery budget and (if you don’t know me well) I dig coupons.  Coupons are my saving-grace when it comes to Monday morning grocery shopping.  I save a good 60-75 bucks on coupons (and store-flyer shopping) each week.  We have a grocery budget of 50 bucks a week (GASP) and usually can get pretty close to it.  
I have been trying to cook more “fresh” for the family lately, and am spending too much on herbs.  
So…I’m going to grow my own.
I’m starting with Basil and Parsley (I use these alot)….
Here I am soaking the seeds overnight:
And here they are in their homes:
I can’t wait to see them grow and use them.  Money banked!!!  If these work, I would like to venture out and try carrots and lettuce (I use those in stews and roasts frequently)….
Another fun money saver that I found…
 There is a Dollar Book Store in Lakewood (near my house).  I saw it while driving the other day and made a point to visit this week.
I was THRILLED!  Books for a dollar!
And it didn’t disappoint.  
It’s not shiny, clean or pretty, but there are some diamonds, if you are willing to search. 
Miss K and I had a blast and found some major treasures….
 As you may know, I love books and it is “official”…. Kensington’s third word (aside from mama and dada) is “cuuk”, which means book (and no…this isn’t wishful thinking on my part, I promise). Each time she picks up a book, points at a book or see’s one, she says “cuuk”.  It is so very sweet and nothing makes me happier.
Check out this set of encyclopedia’s from 1960!  They are FULL of pertinent information for years to come.  Things that aren’t even learned about anymore, but I feel are truly of value…I can’t wait teach Miss K!!! :
I also found some MADELINE books (from London, to boot):
And this adorable British book (the title grabbed me):
And my favorite find of the day, by far:
It was a wildly successful trip. And each of the books was a buck!  I felt so excited to be saving money and purchasing things that my daughter will cherish (hopefully) and use!
  I recommend it to anyone in the area!


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8 responses to “thrifty. frugal francine. penny-pincher. tight-wad.

  1. Oh my goodness! I TOTALLY remember that Helen Keller book! I had the whole set!

  2. I love all sorts of antique books, and like you, I go for all these beautiful old books! Your daughter will have a love of reading, as you do!

  3. Mary

    I loved “The Five Little Peppers” when I was a kid. I might have to borrow it from Miss K!! P.S. Please share all coupon tips…I think I need to start (again)!

  4. you can’t get rid of me that easily missy! I have followed you… to your new blog location!!!

  5. I just love these. We found a whole set of Disney Encyclopedias from the 60’s that we bought a while back. Unfortunately we found out while unpacking them that a lot of them had mold, so I had to ditch them. I’m hoping to find a similar set in better condition.

  6. Wow, I think you need to give us all some grocery shopping tips. I spend on average 200$ a week in groceries, and I HATE every minute of it! But, then again, I have three boys to feed, which probably is it right there. But, I know I could save money if I put forth the effort. I need to. I clip coupons, but then forget them when I go to the store. Love the herb growing idea! I grew Cilantro and Italian Parsley last year, LOVED it! Tried to do carrots, but failed miserably. I wish we lived out on a farm, cause I would LOVE to have chickens! My mom and middle son go collect eggs from their neighbor when they’re on vacation, and he loves it! They’re so good, and cool looking too. We got some blue ones last week.

  7. Um… I think we may live near each other. 🙂

  8. I love to cook to, mostly with fresh ingredients so I took to growing my own herbs a couple of years ago. It’s the greatest things EVER! I don’t think I could function without my little herb garden now, I’d be lost. I also grow zucchini every summer, which is the absolute easiest thing to do if you have enough room. The plants grow quickly and take up my whole little plot, but it’s so worth it because it’s a veggie my whole family will eat. Carrots are pretty easy to grow too…I did that once years ago. My herb garden contains Rosemary, Thyme, Flat Leaf Parsley, Sage, Basil, and Oregano. I use Thyme the most, I’d recommend adding that to your new garden. Good luck!

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