on that note….

As I wished you HAPPY SPRING, I was also thinking about an annual tradition in our household.

We love it.  And when I say "we", I really do mean "we".  Sean loves cleaning and I'm not kidding.  I asked him several years ago and he was all jazzed about the idea.  
We spend an entire day cleaning and basically clean as much as we can.  It's kinda like a cleaning Olympics.  We see how much we can get done and always end the day on the couch with an extreme sense of accomplishment.
So…..I have begun my list of things I want to tackle this year, in addition to the everyday stuff that needs to get done.
I would love to hear ANY and ALL cleaning tips you have.  I love cleaning tricks and product evaluations.
Bring it.


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5 responses to “on that note….

  1. i only have one cleaning secret weapon: Margarita (she comes to my house every Thursday…)

  2. OOh! I LOVE cleaning too! I’ve started trying tot Method products – what do you think of them?

  3. amber van duyn

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have changed my life… I’m not kidding at all.
    Amber V.

  4. I love your idea of approaching it as a team. My husband is really good at helping out but I’ve never thought of setting aside a whole day where we tag team the house! I have to say that taking a tote with me to the different rooms with cleaning necessities in it have helped with running back and forth to grab rags, or the window cleaner…I keep a roll of paper towel in the tote, too. I also like CLOROX wipes for things that need to be wiped down like window sills, etc.

  5. Um. So you should never come to my house.

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