i like corned beef.

It's good, don't you think?  
I think that I might start making it a frequent in our meal rotation.  It's just yummy and like a large turkey, it gets left for just the holidays.  No more!  Corned beef it is!
Sr. Patty's day was fun.  I made Miss K a shamrock onesie so we would look legit. 
 She pulled it off and looked good doing it.  
We headed over to the Jacobs to celebrate with some delicious corned beef sandwiches-
KUDOS on the corned beef Shanna!   
We tried to get all the kids in one pic.  Yeah.  Good luck with that.
This is what it looked like while we were trying….
Miss K got to play with her pal, Brooklyn….
Considering the kids were filthy (Miss K's hand were a lovely shade of brown) from playing outside, we had some bath-time.  Realizing that there will quickly come a time when it is no longer acceptable for these cuties to bathe together, all the mommies grabbed cameras to snag shots.  Luke was very sweet and would pat Miss K, while both Miss K and Paige learned how to dunk their heads in the water for a drink.  Very cute, indeed.  
Oh, and it was also very "cute" when Miss K went potty on mommies jeans while awaiting her entry into the water.  What made me think it was a good idea for her to sit on my lap in the buff while water was running?
It was a fabulous night and good times spent with good people.  One of my favorite things.


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4 responses to “i like corned beef.

  1. I love that cheesy little bathtub grin! In her head, I’m sure she’s all, “I just peed on my mom! hee hee!”

  2. Well at least she didn’t pee in the water before they were drinking it!

  3. What a gorgeous bunch of little ones. Enjoy this time, it goes way too fast. I also noticed the green, green grass, and a pair of flip flops! WOW! Lovely day and wonderful memories!

  4. I love corned beef, too – the name is weird, but it sure tastes delish! I especially love it on Reuben sandwiches… ok, now my stomach is rumbling…

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