it’s a beautiful day.

And God's goodness was shown.
God's perfect timing was exhibited.
God's blessings were showered.
A baby girl.
ALICE ROSE was born at 3:46am this morning
Weighing 9 lbs 15 ounces
A few scary moments and a very long and hard labor…..
But she is here.  
And being enjoyed by two of the most wonderful parents.
Giving all the glory to the Lord.
Welcome Alice Rose!



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8 responses to “it’s a beautiful day.

  1. Hooray! That is wonderful news!
    Hope Mary gets some rest today after such a LONG night.

  2. What great news! Mary has to be exhausted!!! I hope mother and daughter and doing well.

  3. So happy for them. Pass on my congrats and blessings. God is good. He truly is.

  4. Liz

    Many congrats! What a beautiful name!

  5. A new baby is such a blessing, such a wonderment. I wish you all happy times getting to know her and love her.

  6. Wow, that’s a BIG baby! Glad everyone is healthy and happy! God is truly amazing!

  7. eva

    another faithful happy heart, another beautiful mind, another pair of sparkling eyes and skillful hands and dancing feet! welcome, Alice Rose!

  8. Jessica

    WOW-bless her heart…that’s one BIG baby. I love how newborns are so freshly delivered from God’s hands!

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