Wednesday Wisdom

"Everybody has a little bit of Watergate in him."

I laughed when I read this quote…


Then I thought about it a little more and realized the wisdom, insight and frightening prospect of truth in this statement.

It's easy and prevalent to judge, talk about, gossip, "pray for", share about, chime in and devalue others right now.  ( You can't have a conversation these days without hearing about the crazy GOP, Obama, Octo-Mom, the government, parenting etc)
I get caught up in watching others and drawing conclusions on small snippets I see about their life.
And while I believe we each need to have Godly discernment and judgement about what is right and wrong, we each need to be careful about the anger behind the judgement and where it is coming from.

Because lots of the time it is not righteous and simply out of our own sinful nature.

And lots of time, the very thing we are speaking out against….we see in ourselves.



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4 responses to “Wednesday Wisdom

  1. oh so true…
    hey did you take a peek at my blog – I tagged you!!

  2. Kat

    It’s funny how sometimes it takes your own fall to make you sympathetic of others. I always called the girls who got pregnant “stupid girls”, then I did. I will never call a girl stupid again, I will feel for her, because I know what she faces.



  4. eva

    because you are aware of our sinful nature and at the same time of our power and responsibility to overcome it you are on a hard yet rewarding journey in your life. i see how your life is full of grace and love for all the people in this world and how deep your love for God is, how you are truly trying to understand Jesus and live by His word. i wish you always find comfort in your faith and in your family on this fulfilling journey.

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