it’s time….

My dear friend Mary just found out that she is being induced tonight (11 days overdue and no sign of labor) at midnight.
It's here!!!!!!  He/she is on their way!
Please pray that it is a swift and safe labor and that they will have a wonderful time of bonding soon!!!!



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4 responses to “it’s time….

  1. 11 days geeze! I was 9 days late with Cora. The day she came I was suppose to have an appointment with the doctor about my options…

  2. eva

    11 days is a lot… i was 15 days overdue and nearly died. however, this will not happen to your friend’s baby! i can’t wait to hear the wonderful news and i am guessing what beautiful names Mary has in mind for her child. i will be thinking about her today and will offer prayers she has the most beautiful birth experience.
    i was talking to a friend yesterday who had had a hard labour and is now pregnant again. she told me she was grateful for the tough time she had because it made her aware how perfectly we are made to endure and rejoice.
    i think it’s great you support your friend in this time, you know how difficult it can be despite all the happiness.

  3. 🙂 will be praying for her. Update us as soon as the baby arrives. 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    YAY! i can’t wait! praying for the whole fam! XOXO!

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