Yesterday was a memory filled day.  
Sean and I are pretty committed to family traditions and began some yesterday for Kensington's birthday.  
I'm sure that she will, at some point, think that at our daily/weekly/monthly/yearly traditions and routines are silly/"lame"/dated, but I believe it is a wonderful way to celebrate the family God has given us.  Traditions are proven to bring families closer, heal wounds and give children a sense of security, stability and pride for their family unit. Most importantly, each holiday and event can be used as an opportunity to dwell in God's goodness in so many different ways.  Simple.
We started the day with making Kensington a special breakfast.  French toast, sausage, hash browns and more!
We played and watched her favorite show-OSWALD.
We went for a birthday lunch at one of our favorite fast food restaurants.
And she got the best present of all–a balloon!
We bought her a vintage cake topper and paper carousel that we plan on bringing out each year during celebration times….
Family came over in the evening and we spent the night eating, chatting, opening presents and watching Miss K explore frosting.  Here are a few pictures of the festivities.
2009-02-27 at 17-32-24
Happy Birthday again, Miss K.  We are really excited for the next year and all it has to bring for you, our family and friends.


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9 responses to “glimpse

  1. your traditions will never seem silly, ever!! thanks for sharing your beautiful day!

  2. What precious pictures, and a special memory. And, you are smart to know that traditions need to be started early and the importance of them to our babies…they treasure the traditions forever!

  3. ah, the first cake! I’ll have to dig out Miss C’s photos and show you!

  4. I’m thinking, from your sweetie’s expression, that that cake was GOOD.

  5. gina

    Yay for family traditions!! What an awesome fun filled day. 😉

  6. Michelle

    Great photos!
    You are a brave woman to leave her in that frilly nice dress WITH the frosting!
    My boys are always in a diaper when it comes time for that – good woman you are! :o)
    Looks like a fun FIRST day and I am impressed that you did not spend $500 on a 1 year old party that she will never remember.
    What happened to scooping cotton balls into a bowl blindfolded?!?!?
    Aah .. for the simpler days.

  7. eva

    i just love it when children are thrilled by such a simple present as a baloon. in this day, it is hard to learn the kids that value of a gift is not just in its price.
    i remember family traditions as bright, happy events in my life, something that helped us stick together. just as you say, there was a time in my teens when i felt it was all boring and stupid, but after that short period i really started to appreciate those special days. i think a birthday tradition is one of the best gifts you can give Kensington.
    the writing on her cake is so neat and beautiful… did you do it? i love the photos where Kensington is covered in frosting, she is really enjoying it. so great you let her smear it on her face and birthday dress without any fuss, they were her birthday cake and her birthday dress, after all!
    compliments on your beautiful and loving family!

  8. Andrea

    Happy 1st Birthday Kensington!! I love the cake picture-priceless!!

  9. Happy belated birthday Miss Kensington Jane!! You are a lucky girl to have such a good mom and daddy. You are so loved. The photos are lovely, Rache.

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