Happy Birthday Miss K

Thank you for giving me the best year of my life.  
You have taught me to be purposeful, know what I believe, be who I am, serve the Lord deeper and enjoy my time more.  
Happy First Birthday.
I love you,


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9 responses to “Happy Birthday Miss K

  1. Shanna

    Hooray! Happy Birthday, Miss K!

  2. Happy Birthday Kensington!!!
    The spaghettio picture is priceless! I love her barette, so cute

  3. Kat

    What a wonderful day of relfetion for you! I love sitting down on my kids birthdays and thinking about how I dreamed of who they would be when I was pregnant and now I get the amazing experience of seeing who they really are (which is way better than anything I could have imagined.)
    I hope that she enjoys her day nearly as much as you do!

  4. Happy Birthday Princess K!
    Isn’t it a wonderful day?? My baby is 20 and I still remember her “birth” day in excrutiatingly happy detail- bet you do too!!

  5. Stacy


  6. Happiest of Birthdays to your little miss…she reminds me of my firstborn, a dark-haired daughter (who is now blonde!), so CUTE! I know you are so proud as her mother…have a sweet, sweet day!

  7. hee hee hee! I love these! Did her present arrive?

  8. eva

    happy birthday, Kensington! you are a wonderful, beautiful, smart, loving little lady. i wish you a very happy, healthy, adventurous second year of your life.
    and Rachel, congratulations! your daughter is fabulous and you are doing the best job as a mother! it’s like a new year starts all over again when a child has a birthday, so my best wishes and blessings for you!

  9. Happy birthday! The first birthday for me is always bittersweet.

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