didn’t Lucy say charcoal was good for your teeth?

Mary and I had another tea this week.  My house.
I was all set with the food and pretty excited about one of the new sandwiches I was going to make us. 
 I made some heart shaped ones that were too cute–
The other ones were set to be thrown into the broiler to melt the yummy cheese, but I had put foil over them to protect.  I went in a few minutes later and they STILL weren't melted! 
So, I thought, "I will take the foil off for like 5 seconds". 
And then I started talking with Mary. 
Oopsie Poopsie.
All of a sudden, we both smelled something, looked at the oven and saw flames.  I'm not talking one, measly, little flame…I'm talking SERIOUS FIRE SITUATION.  The oven was ablaze.
Wanna know my first thought?????
GRAB THE CAMERA!  This is GREAT for a blog post!!!

So sad.
But alas….I needed to put out the fire first…..(lame).  And this was all I got…the aftermath:
We tried to offer them to Molly and she would have none of it:
But seriously.  It was bad.  Really bad.  
And poor, gracious Mary acted like it was no big deal (after she laughed for about 5 minutes at me).  
She's a real friend….
So….we put out the fire (which was funny) and carried on with our afternoon.
We (read: Mary) made the yummiest of white choc. shakes from the fabulous Serendipity cookbook….
Even Miss K got in the action:
They were delicious…and so was the day! Mary and I even chatted about making tea a weekly tradition. 
So many good conversations are shared over a nice cup with a good friend.
Have a delightful day!!!!


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7 responses to “didn’t Lucy say charcoal was good for your teeth?

  1. What’s a little extra charcoal in your diet. It looks like it was a lovely afternoon 🙂

  2. must have recipe….. for the shake, not the charcoal nuggets. 🙂

  3. Mary

    So much fun..:) still laughing!!

  4. Kat

    This is one of those things you guys will still be laughing about 10 years from now, “Remember when you set the oven on fire? hahaha”

  5. that Molly is one discerning pup! my three would have “woofed” them down, charcoal or not!

  6. eva

    you will remember this funny incident forever and tell the story to Kensington and Mary’s child, too. it is so great when friends share a laugh together, especially if it turns a bit of bad luck into a happy memory.
    lovely heart sandwiches. i know you made more than two, but the photo is perfect, a heart for the mother, another for the baby. these last weeks of pregnancy are so special. it’s incredible to look at a beautiful big belly and know there is a whole new person inside. what a wonderful miracle pregnancy is!



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