a dying breed….

I don't think that I acknowledge my husband enough on the blog.  He's in the posts as "Sean" or "dad", but rarely as "husband".  The truth is….he does so much for our family and I don't want to take it for granted.  While he has been at work today, I was able to stay at home and play with Kensington and while I did, I would stare out the window at our beautiful yard and then it really sunk in…

He spent half of his Saturday tending to the gardens, both front and back.  I know that he enjoys it, but he certainly didn't HAVE to do it.  It looked "fine" the way it was, but instead, he got on his work clothes, mowed the front and back and then set out to prune and trim ALL the plants, shrubs, trees and flowers.  He makes it look immaculate.
And he didn't say a word about it.  
Just like everything else he does.
He is such a gracious, servant hearted man.
So, thank you Sean.  For all you do for our family.
Look at my pretty garden…all taken care of by our resident green thumb!
I'm trying a new recipe (thanks Emily) that is roasting right now…
Here is the BEFORE and I will post about it tomorrow and share the recipe too. It is smelling sooooo good!


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3 responses to “a dying breed….

  1. Stacy

    May I borrow Sean one afternoon? Maybe he could work his magic at my house! I love that the plant goes up and around the garage!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous! Yay for Sean’s green thumb skills! I also love that you’ve got a whiskey barrel planter! My mom has a couple of those and I’ve always thought they look so cool!
    Looking forward to the recipe tomorrow – I’ve never cooked a whole chicken before, I’m always too afraid I’ll undercook it and then we’ll be sick with food poisoning and we only have one bathroom and yeah, I let my imagination go a bit nuts sometimes…

  3. eva

    your flowers are thriving beautifully thanks to your wonderful husband! i love the litle gnomes peeking out of the planting barrel. i bet Kensington loves them, too.
    even though we don’t have a garden, i can’t complain either. my husband does lots of housework and is a wonderful father. but just as you described, i take him and all the great things he does for us for granted far too often. i need to stop from time to time and be grateful.

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