had to do it.

Although I usually reserve all things "vintage" for my other blog (over on the right hand side with that diva in the apron), I had to post an "after" picture of my new cash register.  I cleaned it yesterday and still have a few things to do to it (pop out broken glass etc), but right now it sits pretty on my china "cabinet".  
Right now it houses a bunch of corks, but I also got an idea to put loose change in it, so that might be the next thing I try.  
Its my favorite new thing.


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10 responses to “had to do it.

  1. very cute, i like the change idea. i have a jar i keep of foreign &/old coins that i like to sift thru. Do you have any foreign bills from your travels, that would look cute too!

  2. That is pretty cool and think the spare change idea is great!
    Jamie 🙂

  3. That is so cool!! I love vinatge pieces too!

  4. Mary

    Love it! fun find 🙂

  5. So cool – I really think it is pretty awesome!

  6. And the bottle cap colors compliment it nicely!

  7. eva

    so pretty! i love the idea of using it instead of a piggy bank! it would be very elegant, i think.
    in the back of the photo i can see a lovely garden and some beautiful outdoor furniture. i wish i had a garden, too.

  8. Fantastic! I absolutely love it – well done finding it and cleaning it, it’s wonderful!
    (Oh, and if you need some ideas for what to use it for, what about office supplies – paper clips, stamps, push pins, pencils, staples, etc.?)
    Seriously, I am so impressed. Go you!

  9. What an amazing piece! That is so cool. I love it with the corks.

  10. I would have peed in my pants if I saw this beauty sittin’ there for a mere $5. What a find — congrats!!

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