maternal obligation (and something cute at the end).

As a mother, I feel the obligation to post ridiculously cute pictures of my child occasionally, so here I  go.
This is her walking down the sidewalk at my parents with her favorite Radio Flyer.  She puts things in it and pushes it around and thinks she is HOT STUFF.  I would recommend this toy to ANYONE.  It is VERY well made and a quality product.  
Another fun use:
Ok…I have a little obsession with flashcards.  Not necessarily for the purpose of memorization, but just because I think they are fun.  I have a small collection started (ones that highlight the alphabet, states and capitols, division, multiplication and the Presidents) and thought this was a pretty cute set.  Very simple and clean looking and it is 7.99 for the whole alphabet. It is in PDF form, so you are able to save it and print out AS MANY AS YOU WANT!  HUZZAH!!! 
 It's available by this dynamite artist HERE.  So cute!



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3 responses to “maternal obligation (and something cute at the end).

  1. Kat

    Isn’t it amazing how push toys are thier favorite? No matter how many fun toys with flashing lights and sounds she has, her shopping cart and tea cart and her go to favs all the time.

  2. What little I can see of it, you have a gorgeous house! We live in a 50s brick ranch, but with stucco. No yummy wood siding.

  3. She is adorable!! And yes, pushing things is kind of a favorite with little kids, isn’t it? Both my nephews and now my niece at around age 18mos-2yrs were fascinated with a purple doll stroller my mom has in her playroom. It’s too cute to watch!

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