in which i make a mountain out of a molehill….in a good way.

Today, I received a small surprise in the mail from my husbands cousin, Heidi.  She is super crafty and cross-stiches.  a craft that is foreign and glamorous to me….and she is GOOD at it.
I can't tell you how special it made me feel when I opened up this little envelope, and there was a hand-stictched, red umbrella, just for me.  
Why did this treat mean so much to me?
You see…i think we have become a culture of "ME ME ME/GIMMEGIMME/NO TIME FOR YOU I HAVE MY OWN LIFE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH".  There is no time for others, our kids, our spouses.  Always going, moving, driving, texting, Facebooking (guilty) and thinking about the next thing that has to be done.  People in our culture (myself included at times), pride themselves on how well they can multitask.
When really….multi-tasking is just doing a bunch of things "good enough" rather than singular tasking and doing something really well.  (in my humble opinion)….
Why I say all this is simply because I have learned something the last few months.  We as people, Christians, moms, friends, spouses, need to find the time to simplify and do things that matter.  
Reaching out to one another MATTERS.  
Showing kindness and that you care MATTERS.  
Giving of your time and schedule for others MATTERS.  
Sending a note in the mail to someone to say "hi" MATTERS.  
Sitting down and stitching a little, red umbrella MATTERS.
So, thank you, Heidi.  For taking time to make someone else feel special.


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8 responses to “in which i make a mountain out of a molehill….in a good way.

  1. Oh, it is so sweet, and I agree with you, that we need sometimes to be nice, just to be nice! I’ve been on the receiving end and on the giving end, and find that bloggy people are some of the nicest ever!

  2. Rachel,
    Thank you so much for the reminder. I will try to be more of a giver starting this week- as soon as I get over this krud.

  3. Mary

    How adorable and how sweet of her! I love it! 🙂

  4. eva

    Rachel, i love your blog! you are kind and thoughtful and reminding me again and again how little changes in my life can make it better in a big way. and thank you for posting so frequently, for taking time.

  5. Heidi truly rocks! That umbrella is adorable! And you’re absolutely right about reaching outside ourselves to do things for others. It’s fun too!

  6. That is very cute and sooo sweet of her! I agree and have been trying to slow down & simplify a bit lately too. Nice post!!
    Jamie 🙂

  7. beautiful post AND beautiful cross stitched red umbrella – you lucky girl!! namaste, elsie

  8. heidistitches

    I have been without the internet all weekend and just popped by. Your post said everything! One of my priorities is to try and stay connected with family. All of our blogs make this so easy. I love your spirit and your decorating style! I just wanted to send a little something to always remind you that someone out in the world thinks you’re pretty cool!

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