happy valentines day everyone…

I realize that not everyone is a fan of tomorrow, but I am.
I just enjoy another day to tell people I love them and show my appreciation for them.
Our little Valentines "station" at home is growing.  There are small gifts for Sean and Kensington.  When I was a little girl, we would get small gifts from my mom and dad on Valentines Day.
The most memorable?
A New Kids On the Block book and pen.  My mom tried to avoid that trend as long as she could, but I begged.  I remember getting that like it was yesterday.
So….I bought little gifts for my two lovies and made some cookie delights for my main squeeze for when he got home from work.  Kensington and I also made some picture ornaments (the old school clay kind you made in 1st grade) and Valentines Day cards this week.  I overexposed her pic to have a "pink" tint to match the holiday.
What fun!
OH….and….remember when I posted awhile back about Orla Kiely at Target???
Well, I threw the budget out the window last night and brought home two mugs for our coffee bar in the kitchen. I was thrilled to find these retro-ish mugs.  So cute, right?
Have a great weekend Cherry Tree Lane friends!  


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8 responses to “happy valentines day everyone…

  1. Kat

    HAHAHAAH NKOTB! That was the first concert I went to. My aunt thought it would be fun to take, me, 2 of my cousins and a few family friends. She’s lucky our screaming didn’t burst her ear drums =o)

  2. Noelle

    Fun Valentines crafts! The ornaments are adorable! I love the mugs! Kenzie & I actually were there yesterday & saw the magazine holders & bins! LOVE IT!

  3. Wait – I thought OK was going to be in Target Feb 15? I’m SO going to Target!!!

  4. Shanna

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I went out and got Kate and Luke their first V-day gifts from us and we’ll make ♥ cookies tomorrow…I give in. 😉

  5. I love your decorations, so cute! And your coffee bar is great, I’m totally going to steal that idea – I love hot chocolate and my stuff takes up half the counter!



  7. Michelle

    I LOVE the station!
    How did Sean like HIS gift? ;o)

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