hodge podge of sorts.

I think that I haven't updated the blog too much on what is happening around here within the past few days, simply because my spirit has been heavy/displaced/distracted.  Between following the story of Cora and several other things going on, I have felt downcast.  
I was reminded of a GREAT (and very appropriate for the time) verse.  Read it sometime today.  
Habakkuk 3:17-19
After reading that…I just felt lighter.  God is good.  Even in darkness.  He provides light.

So…I have a grab-bag update.  Lots of bits and pieces of the last few days.  

**First off….
Kensington is growing and growing.  Almost one and motoring everywhere.  She likes to hand me things and help me pick things up.



**We have initiated a bowl and spoon into eating time and she loves it.  Cleaning up is quite a procedure, but it is worth it to see how much she enjoys it.  I think she knows she is becoming a "big girl".  Maybe not, but she has a certain twinkle in her eye.


**It's Valentines Week at our house (yes…I make it an entire week, as with most holidays) and I have a little Valentine "area" in the house.  Some candy, decor and a "I Love you because…." line….to hang up little reminders to one another.  To tell each other why we appreciate them.
Some say corny.  
I say sweet.



**I have been working on some fun postcards for Cherry Tree Lane. I like this one especially.  Two "old friends" together…on an old Milton Bradley QUIZMO card….with a little typed message.



**So, I bought this wood trunk a few months ago.  I am going to collect memorabilia of Kensington's (report cards, lost teeth, yearly notes from me and Sean, pictures, crafts etc) and then present it to her when she gets married.  I have already been filling it.  Tongue depressors from her doc appt's, hospital bands, needles from her first Christmas tree and so on.  Usually I have complete "direction" when it comes to a craft project, but I can't seem to decide on how to decorate it.  Any ideas?  



**I got a new book for my own personal bible study.  I love Beth Moore and have worked my way through two of her studies already (I highly recommend "THE PATRIARCHS").  Looking forward to diving into this.  Its based on the life of David.  I'll let you know how it goes.


I hope you are having a great week.  I am enjoying mine and loved the rain.  Several moments were enjoyed just standing in the water with my wee one.  Good moments indeed.



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5 responses to “hodge podge of sorts.

  1. eva

    wow, you have lots of things going on!
    kensington is an angel…with a naughty spark in her eyes. kiss her adorable chubby hands in my name, please!
    about the chest, what a great idea! maybe keep it a secret for all these years utnil it’s time for her to receive it?
    on Martha’s webside i saw a way to gluo wooden animals on a chest like that, but you could do any other motives, like flowers or anything more grown-up. or maybe you could do decoupage? or let Kensington decorate it when she is a bit older.
    is she starting to speak yet? i can almost hear her call you mommy.

  2. I would paint it off-white, sand it down on the edges, and leave it alone. Classic!

  3. I am going through the Beth Moore “Jesus” book! And I would highly reccomend the Patriarchs as well. 🙂 Miss you….

  4. Kat

    When Serena first started “feeding” herself with yogurt, she’d get it from head to toe…not kidding. So I would take her out of the high chair, carry her at arms length and put her straight into the tub…wipes or washclothes couldn’t handle that mess.
    I say you decorate her truck with Bible Verses that speak to you about her, and your parenting of her.

  5. Noelle

    you are so creative! Kensington is going to love going through the trunk when she gets older! how fun! I like the idea of paining it off white & rubbing the edges – or something similar. I would suggest leaving it simple – so if you plan on keeping it in her room – it will always work with the changing room decor as she gets older. Also – maybe you can paint a cherry tree somewhere on the trunk – or inside the lid – with Kensington Jane written next to it. you have to stay true to Mary Poppins!

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