blast from my childhood past.

My mom and dad found some of my old dolls in their garage the other day. I believe that they origianlly found these dolls at either a garage sale, or it was a hand me down from someone with an older daughter.
The funny part was that I enjoyed this box of dolls more than any of the new Barbies/dolls they ever bought me.  I LOVED these dolls.
That is why I was so surprised when they came over with them.  I remember playing with this box of dolls vividly.  I would sit on the floor in my room and set them up in a line and they would play games, go to school, visit friends houses and go out to dinner together. They all had names.  I loved how small they were (much smaller than traditional Barbies) and their outfits were festive.  In fact, I remember some of the dolls not having outfits when we received it, so my Grandma (gosh, I miss her sometimes) made some small clothes for them. (She made the peach crocheted skirt, which was my favorite).

I was just so excited to have this, and to one day be able to give it to Kensington to play with.  It also reminded me that children don't NEED the newest, shiniest, most current toys to be happy.  Often, when parents get specific on what their kids "must have" or "need", I think it is  more the parents preference.  I much prefered this already-used toy with some missing parts. 

It served as a special memory for me, but also a reminder.  I want the toys that Kensington has to have value to her. I'm sure that can sound silly, but if she has 500 small toys laying around the house and her room everyday, that she never has to clean up, why would she think they are special?  Which perpetuates the need to buy more and more toys….
Rather, I would like to teach Kensington that we don't "deserve" to have a house, toys, cars etc..(cleaning them, putting them away, sharing them, loaning them to others, treating them kindly). 

A bit too retrospective?  Oh well… me crazy.







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5 responses to “blast from my childhood past.

  1. How fun! Definitely agree with you – it’s the quality of the fun not the quantity of the toys, right?

  2. …nice post…gorgeous dolls…you sound like ull be a great mother to your little girl…

  3. These are retro polly pockets!

  4. Michelle

    totally fun – always nice to see a part of your past – funny how the memories come flooding back, huh?
    enjoy – because i KNOW you will be playing with them long before K will!

  5. I’m thinking these are called “Dawn” dolls. My mom had them when she was young (probably early ’70s, she was born in ’59)
    She had a Dawn doll named Angela… and named me Angela Dawn when I came along in ’79 🙂
    I used to play with her old ones when I was little. Don’t know what happened to them 😦

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