once again….praying, weeping and trusting.


Mark it in your prayer journal
Post it on  your fridge
Pray with your kids about it
Bring it up at the dinner table

Just please don't stop imploring the Lord for His healing grace for

Click HERE to learn about how Round One of chemo went.

"Listen to Me, you whom I have upheld since
you were conceived and have carried since your birth. Even to your old
age and gray hairs I am He and I am He who will sustain you. I have
made you and I will carry you. I will sustain you and I will rescue
you." -Isaiah 46:3-4



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4 responses to “once again….praying, weeping and trusting.

  1. eva

    nothing makes me so sad as a beautiful child like Cora…so ill. i am amazed by her parents’ strenght and faith. and thank you for reminding me about their struggle so i can offer what i can.
    in happier news, i have discovered the most adorable feature on your blog. your daughter’s photo gallery! seeing a precious new-born baby grow into a beautiful person is the best adventure and the most rewarding experience life offers. not only to the child’s parents, but to the whole world. so please, update the gallery frequently.

  2. Noelle

    Rachel – how did you find out about Cora? Her parents sound absolutely amazing. I love that they still list their praises everyday. What a great example to all of us to remember everything we have been blessed with! They are all in my prayers & I’ve e-mailed the blog around to my Bible study.

  3. She is most definitely in my daily prayers- I can’t imagine what her and her family must be going through! 😦 I did blog about it after I saw it here, and I hope lots more people see it and are praying as well.

  4. She is in my prayers! Thanks for posting this!

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