almost there. and a thought.

Last night I read this quote on one of my favorite blogs:

"Someone must see the family as worth fighting for, worth calling a career, worth the hard work of training a child in godliness, worth the relentless tasks involved in running a home…This 'someone' is the wife, the mother, and the homemaker and that, as such, she must embrace a life of being the giver. That's our role as mothers." ~Elizabeth George

I love this quote. 
I love the job of taking care of my home, and in turn, contributing to the happiness of our family.
My husband referred to me as the "CEO of our house" the other day, and I smiled a little inside…..because I love it.  I take pride in making our house what it is–warm and safe for my husband and child.  A place they want to come back to and a happy place, free from the worries that so easily entangle us.

Mostly though, amongst the laundry and baking, dishes and "swiffering"……I want to embrace the teaching of morals and Godliness to my child.  I get ONE CHANCE with my kid and I'm not going to hope she picks up charachter somewhere else.  I want to be intentional in my sharing with my child.  More important than where she will go to school or what grades she may get, is her understanding of the Lord and His love for us and how she can share that with others.  I want our home to be a place of warmth….because they Lord is so good to us.

So, Kensington is 11 months old today.  And while this is hard for me to believe (and a little weepy), I am also excited about how she is beginning to understand so much.  I am able to "talk" to her and she responds.  She remembers things and has unusual and excited reponses to dail activities.  She is a little person.  One step closer to understanding the goodness of Christ and His sacrifice for us. 






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3 responses to “almost there. and a thought.

  1. Aw, what a sweet post. It is so encouraging so thanks for sharing. You have the MOST important job in the world, that is certain. 🙂

  2. Hi, I’d like to come over and squish her little chunky thighs, please and thank you.

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