my kid is sick

…and i feel so bad for her.  She's a trooper and I'm sure she will be running (read: crawling) around like normal tomorrow, but today, she is just down in the dumps. She has taken two 3 hours naps already. 

Feel better soon little girlfriend.





6 responses to “my kid is sick

  1. Kat

    OOOHHH NOOO! What a sad face!

  2. Jan

    Aww poor pretty baby! Glad she has a loving mama to give her the extra TLC she needs right now. I will pray for her quick recovery and that you & Sean stay well so you can keep up with her!

  3. Awww! She looks like she feels awful. I hope that she gets to feeling better soon.

  4. eva

    oh, i hope she’s soon back to her healthy self.
    our doctor tells me children take (common) illnesses like colds and the like much easier than grown-ups, but we feel sorry for them anyway.
    your daughter has such beautiful long hair. i am always a bit envious when i see a little princess with hair like that…we’ve been waiting for our daughter’s hair to grow for what seems like ages now, everyone thinks she’s a boy!

  5. Oh, what a sad little face! She’s still just cute as can be even feeling down in the dumps. Hope she feels better!

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