from start to finish.

I am really enjoying making vintage cards made from so many different medias.  It has really challenged my creativity–always a good thing to be stretched.  The only thing that I was not "in love with" is having to buy envelopes for my cards to go in.  I want my items to be ALL authentic vintage, so I solved the problem this weekend, by learning to make my own envelopes!  So much fun so many possibilities!
(This particular paper made it hard to "see" the envelope, but it's all I have right now.  I will snap some more when i am working with a plain paper–you will be able to decipher the folds much better).

Here are some pics I snapped of a few test envelopes.  I hand sewed several cards and envelopes together–I really like the map one.  A vintage map I found online!



This lovely lady card is one of my fav's. Dictionary pages with a fun lady sewn on the top.  She even is blinged out (diamonds on the ears, obviously!).



Here is the front of the card.  I need to fool around with some different ways to format, but it's a good start.  A hand-sewn map on a card is never a bad thing.


Happy letter writing.  They will be in the shop soon!



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2 responses to “from start to finish.

  1. Look at you getting crafty with your bad self!

  2. Yummy on this card! I’d never thought of that combination, but I just love it.

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