books galore!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE books and movies.  I try to read a variety of publications and also enjoying watching movies more than just about anything. 
When I can find either at a good bargain-I'm in!

I recently found an AMAZING website called BOOK MOOCH, where you are able to go, list books you have (for free) that you want to get rid of, and trade with people all over the world.  FOR FREE!  Yes, you have to ship the book to them, but in my experience, you can ship a book (media mail) for DIRT CHEAP!!!  Wrap it in anything and throw a few stamps on it and take it to the post office! 

You can find cheap books and save trees!  Plus….there are some books on there that I have had a hard time finding in the library/bookstore.
I hope they add a section for movies soon!  Check it out and enjoy!




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2 responses to “books galore!

  1. I love love love books too!!! I found a website that is similar called and they do have a movie section now! 🙂 I have traded LOTS of books this way and it is great!!! And I do love media mail hehe!! xoxox

  2. Thanks for sharing this! How great!

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