thanks lynne.

I was shopping at a antique store the other day and struck up conversation with a lady named Lynne. She had overheard me saying that I love vintage books and enjoy using vintage ephemera in my work. She introduced herself and before she left, she took my phone number and told me she would call me because she had lots of books that she would love for me to have. In all honesty, I was certain I wouldnt hear from her again.

This morning I got a call from Lynne and she asked if she could come over and bring me some things.  (we are pretty much neighbors).

I was a bit weary to hand out my address, but I felt "ok" about it.  About a half hour later she was at my doorstep, came in and we chatted for awile.  She brought me books, magazines and treasures that she hand picked from our conversation.  I was truly touched at her thoughtfulness towards me…a perfect stranger.   She sat down and listened as I talked about my daughter, Cherry Tree Lane and life.  And I tried to do the same for her.  I'm finding that it is rare these days to feel like you are being listened to….but Lynne did.  She had no motives and no agenda.  She just wanted to bring something by "to someone that will use it", as she put it.  She didn't cut me off (which has happened several times this week while talking to people, because they were busy and had something to do) or rush off.  Just sat and was genuinely (or at least pretended to be) interested in what I was talking about.  Imagine that!

It made me think about how I can be that "special surprise" for someone else.  A person that listens more, talks less and enjoys people's company when I have it.  I had many things "to do" this morning, but the morning couldn't have been spent any better than just chatting with someone new.

Here are a few books she brought me:


There were also 3 books that were used in Sunday School in 1947.  They were "illustrated gospel" books and were precious.  I think my FAVORITE was the paper at the bottom of the box that was an actual Sunday School craft from 1954.  It's a little lamb with the "fur" made out of cotton.  Just sweet.



Thank you so much Lynne for making me feel special, listening and making my day….

During my other daily adventures, I found the following vintage treasures!

A HUGE bag of 1950's ric-rak, bias tape and ribbon (for 2 bucks):


Six amazing records, including an original Disney Record with the soundtrack of It's a Small World (its a record and a follow-along book for kids with actual pictures).  I also found the soundtrack from South Pacific! 





What a great day!  Do you remember a random act of thoughtfulness?  Go do something for someone today–it makes all the difference!



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3 responses to “thanks lynne.

  1. Major ricrac envy going on here. I once got a huge bag of vintage seam binding for $5 and was so happy. Zippers are the other thing I’m always on the look out for.
    And your books! I love Up and Away. We have a bunch of vintage readers/primers–they have the BEST ILLUSTRATIONS EVER!
    Gotta get back to my paper, but had to comment real quick!

  2. It’s been awhile since I’ve been thrift shopping, but your post has inspired me to hit my favorite local haunts!

  3. Michelle

    This was great – she may have been “an angle in disguise” and you were obedient to the Lord.
    I am sure you blessed her as much as she did you!

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