Activism has hit our house!


Have any of you been following the controversy over the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)??  This act essentially requires all products for children under the age of 12 to be stringently tested by a third party & permanently labeled.  This troubles me because it will (in extremely basic terms), be devastating for all the small businesses and crafters who make anything that could even be perceived to be made for a child 12 and younger, yet can't afford for mandatory testing. (please read more in depth for details) 
I can't tell you how scary this is for my friends that craft and create handmade treasures for people and children.  Many of my blogger friends are terrified, as this act would shut their business (and livelihood) down. 
I will be writing my congressional and senate representatives sharing my opinion on this.

Here are some links you can go to for more information and to educate yourself on this situation. 

I don't generally use my blog as a soapbox, but I will take this opportunity to do so. 


Handmade Toy Alliance
CPSIA Central-look here to discuss in forums



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