We love our wood floors but have realized quickly that they don't love Kensington back. She has fallen more times than I can count and we wanted to have some area in the living room that was a little softer for her, but still allowed it to look like a living room.  We finally found a rug that we liked, was the right size and didn't break the bank.  This also allowed us to take the blue squares that my mom bought us a few months ago and pad her entire room with them so she can tumble and crawl to her hearts content. She is loving all the crawl space she has in her bedroom and I don't have to be that concerned about her falling over and over and over again because the blue squares 
are there to catch her.
Here is the new rug (and Molly maxin' and relaxin' on the couch).  We love it!
More treats came in the mail today.  I found seller on ETSY who sells wonderful ephemera and I can't wait to get to work!  Look at my vintage finds!


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3 responses to “delightful!

  1. Your rug is beautiful, but I’m really loving all your treasures!

  2. I love all your vintage goodies. Where did you find that adorable rug?? Looks nice and cozy. Hopefully the rug Kensington a whole lot more than the wood flooring.

  3. You want ephemera? Honey, you only had to say the word.

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