New Years Possibilities.

Truth be told, I set "resolutions" each and every year.  I love them and they work for me.  I usually set 5 and conquer about 3 or 4.  I have had one resolution for the last 11 years that I just haven't gained the courage to fulfill….but maybe someday.
Although resolutions work well for me, I understand that not everyone likes them or sets them.  The word "resolute" is firm and unwavering, whereas most resolutions are broken within the first week (I speak from experience)….so i get that it is surrounded with failure and yadayada.
So, this year I am naming them "possibilities".  I'm not using the phrase as such…."it is possible that i might get around to doing one of these things…".
Im using it more as "i want to dream about what is possible and try it".  
Some of the best, most inspiring, moving and interesting things I have had the chance to do are things that I was scared of, didnt understand or were out of my comfort zone…..and yet God called me to do it or it came down my path and I just dove in.  
So, this year I have 5 New Years Possibilities and I think they are much more ambitious than I generally would list at this time each year…but that is my point with this.  
I desire to live free and try some new things and remember that it is much more about the process and journey, rather than marking something off a list.
Do you have some New Years Possibilities? 


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3 responses to “New Years Possibilities.

  1. I think it’s possible for me to get out my new dress form, snap some photos for you, and show off the swanky garments I’ve been stockpiling. Though I may have to fistfight you for the green gingham. Swoon.

  2. Where to start 😉 I have so many things I want my family and I to get into…decisions, decisions!

  3. Oh I love the idea of “possibilities.” SO much less pressure-great idea!

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