my bad.

So, I'm usually ok with admitting my mistakes…..but it still hurts.
About a year ago, when we decided to re-do our garage, I thought it would be fun to make a space out there for my crafting.  In the past year, it evolved into a HUGE area in the garage because I have SO much craft stuff.  It took over most of the garage because I could leave the mess and come inside.  It took over the entire space, which wasn't what was intended because Sean had initially had the idea to re-do the garage to have a sitting/lounge/brew space (not to mention a nice, neat place to do laundry and have clean, organized storage).
Basically, what I am saying is I took over.  I took over the entire space.  I was VERY excited about this idea because I was starting Cherry Tree Lane and thought about how "official" a work space sounded.  A place to hide and "get away" and have "space" to work in.  So I moved out all my crafts from our spare room and into the garage.  Set up camp.
I couldn't have been more wrong in my excitement.
The last year I have realized that I don't necessarily need a space "away" from my family or house in order to work.  In fact, I didn't like "going outside" to work each night….especially for the Christmas season.  We would put down the baby for bed and I would smile and say "bye" to Sean while he sat down to watch TV or read….and I walked outside.  I would have to pack up the laptop, iPod, and monitor and head outside during the day.  Yuck.  
I didn't like that.  
I want to be surrounded by my child and husband while I work.  It makes me happier to be inside, around what is happening in the house.  I just feel better about it.  It is easier, and more "me".  I just like being at my house, in my house…..
So….back to the spare room it is.  I organized it this weekend.  
And already I feel better.
(and I'm sure Sean is excited at all the new space in the garage…oh the possibilities!!!)


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4 responses to “my bad.

  1. Just love your sweet blog…but I can’t find a link to your shop…I barely managed to find you here. 🙂 Hope your are enjoying your new space…I feel the same way…love to be near to those I love while I am doing something that I love. 🙂

  2. … so… redoing the garage for you… not so good of an idea 🙂

  3. Michelle

    Good for you – I bet your creativity will be even better and your heart will certainly be happier.
    Good job, friend!

  4. LOVE that room, and the wall color! And what a cozy place to create… I agree that being inside surrounded my your family is a much happier way to work!! 🙂 Hope you had a fabulous Christmas Rachel, xo!

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