already over?

That is how I felt.  I was sad that Christmas is over, but when i filtered through all the pictures I took this past week, I realized how wonderful the holiday was for the three of us.  We felt so comforted, close and blessed when all the festivities were said and done.  Sean and I have talked on several occasions about moving, and while we never know what will happen in the future or where God will lead us, this past week made us reflect on how special close friends and family are to us, and how much we would miss them if we were far away.
Christmas Eve we headed to our church's annual Christmas Eve service and my wonderful husband got my daughter all ready….
As usual, the service reminded us about what Christmas is REALLY about and gave us some much needed time of prayer, worshipping and fellowship with our church family.
I have been waiting since BEFORE Kensington was born to put this outfit on her (thanks Grandma!):
After the service, we headed over to my grandma and grandpas for Christmas Eve dinner with family, where my dad fed the baby and someone was caught trying to hide from the camera….can you guess who?
Kensington opened her first Christmas gift….a personalized piggy bank from Grandma and Grandpa!
1st gift
Christmas morning we woke up and turned on the fire (read the YULE LOG thanks to K-CAL 9 and KOST 103.5) and got the morning started.  Kensington got a treat in her stocking and Uncle Jonathan came over to open some presents with us, while Sean prepared some early morning breakfast.
I don't have pictures of Jonathan coming over (but he did buy me pepper-spray which may have been my favorite gift) OR brunch at my sister in law's (Melissa) house, but we headed there after our family Christmas morning together.  She made a terrific brunch, including some FABULOUS french toast ("challah"…although we used the term HOLLAH! all morning…who wouldn't????).  It was a fantastic morning and I was able to FINALLY give Melissa her quilt that I have been working on for months.  I only have one picture of this quilt (it was made out of her old t-shirts from her time at UCLA) and it is of the one time I went to get a diet coke and came back to find Molly like this:
The morning was great and a wonderful time spent with our family.  Presents abound and laughter flowed!  We then headed over to my parents for the remainder of our Christmas.  Whenever I go to my parents house, I am always flooded with memories of my childhood and Christmas is no exception. I love my parents house at Christmas…..although this year was a little different.  My entire childhood, my parents had a MACY's style tree in their living room.  HUGE, beautiful and perfectly themed each year. The lights were always white and the decor was always impeccable. (dont worry–Jonathan and I also had our own tree in another room with colored lights and childhood ornaments so please don't write me that we were robbed of our childhood) That's why I almost FELL OVER when my mom and dad informed us that they would be doing colored lights on not only the exterior but the interior of the house!  Including a light up snowman and old ornaments. AND….Rudolph/Frosty wrapping paper! WHAT?
 I guess a grandchild really DOES change everything.  It was awesome…..
They put out the old nativity sets that Jonathan and I made:
The day was set for a cozy Christmas.  I stared out the window for awhile.  I love the rain on Christmas….
And some of you may wonder if "craftiness" runs in the family.  OBVIOUSLY it does because my parents not only got my daughter her own Radio Flyer wagon, but my mom custom made a pad for the lining.  Perfect, huh?
She loved it!
We spent the night on Christmas and spent the next day with my family as well.  As I drove home on the 26th, I was so sad that it was all "over"….and I was sad once I got home and stared at our tree:
I then thought about the fact that all these memories and traditions are one of the things that make life important and special.  It made me look forward to what is on the horizon.
I'm looking forward to 2009.


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3 responses to “already over?

  1. mary

    Yes, you WOULD miss your family and friends if you moved away… 😦 I LOVE the pad your mom made for Kensington’s wagon!! Adorable! Glad you had a great Christmas!

  2. Can I just say how much I LOVE it that your baby sleeps in sponge-y rollers?! Aren’t they the best?

  3. Michelle

    Looks like a very special first Christmas as parents to remember for the rest of your lives ….
    thank you for sharing with us!

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