my apologies.

Sometimes I want to just write on my blog, but I feel like people assume and expect there to be pictures along with my posts.  I feel like I am breaking some sort of "blog rule" out there, but I'm willing to take the risk that some of you won't be interested at all in this particular post….it's ok.  I won't be hurt that my thoughts and feelings aren't enough for you.  (that was a joke, in case you didn't pick up on my thick sarcasm).

Sean was in Boston and NYC this week (jealously is oozing out of my pores) and so little girl and I stayed with Grandpa and Grandma!  Generally I'm a home-body and when Sean travels, which isn't often, I try to get tons of projects done in his absence.  I stay up LATE and do tons of stuff while the baby sleeps.  I hate being without him (I'm secure enough to admit that I really dislike being away from him…psycho-analyze to your hearts content).  

But this week,instead of staying at home, we decided to pack up (doggie and all) and have a huge sleep over.  It was the PERFECT week for it.  Rain, storm clouds and cold weather.  We sat by the fire, stayed in PJ's, ate in for all meals, and watched movies.  Kensington played and played and played.  She mastered the stairs in my parents living room and is so proud of each of her accomplishments.  She even claps to applaud herself.  Very cute.

The dogs laid around and so did the adults.  Although, my mom worked overtime as grandma….playing and singing and cuddling with her favorite girl (Kensington, of course). Grandpa fed her most meals and has now taught her a new face that she loves to make (thanks dad)….. Kensington was in heaven!!!

I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures and there was a moment of sadness as I drove home that I had no documentation of our fun week at my parents, but I think that is just a sign of a good time–i didn't even have time to think about pulling out the camera.

Thanks mom and dad for letting us invade….it was nice to be back "home".


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  2. There is NO RULE about posting pics (although I always smile when I see your cuties face…or hand in her diaper, hehe… I always love your posts no matter what though. Glad you all had a great time and The g-rent’s.

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