I’m a mess.

I usually hold it together, but lately, Sean and I have been laughing at how many times I tear up for commercials. When any of these commercials come on (no matter how many times I have seen them), Sean will glance over at me after it is finished and we will just laugh, because inevitably I have tears rolling down my face. I can’t help it. I’m a softy….



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7 responses to “I’m a mess.

  1. haha! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who tears up at these commercials! The Hallmark card ones always get me!
    ~Amy Rose~

  2. I get the baby one… its not jeopardized by the pampers add at the end.
    But seriously? LA?!
    AMEX? People “found” themselves and their identity when they signed up for the card that will ultimately give them identity THEFT?
    And who the hell throws a ring… across the street… on a string… If I was that girl… Id be like, your an idiot who didnt get down on one knee and threw your savings and the symbol of your love for me on a string across the street.
    But I love you. And your crazy mom sensitivity.

  3. Brenna

    Seriously Rachel?

  4. Mary

    Since I’m pregnant, I did your crying test…and lost it at the babies and the ring. How did he do that?? amazing. Ok, now I have to clean up my face before everyone comes over for dinner! You’re hilarious. 🙂

  5. Shanna

    I’m gonna have to go with Jonathan on the AMEX one. The baby one absolutely kills me! I love it and it makes me want to have 100 more. And Hallmark always gets me…that’s their goal. I promise you, though, if you ever cry over a dumb commercial in my presence I will not make you cry alone. 😉

  6. Oh no that’s what I used to do everytime I was pregnant. Any news for us, Rachel?

  7. noelle

    LOL! I am HORRIBLE at sporting events! I cry when someone hits a home run or scores the winning point. So sad – but I guess it just comes with being a mom 🙂

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